Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer

  • Small and Compact Build
  • Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece
  • Variable Voltage Battery
  • 1000mAh Battery Capacity
  • Quartz Coil-Less Cup Atomizer
  • 0.4-Ohm Atomizer Resistance
Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer


From the manufacturers of the same compact vaporizer for thick oils, the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer comes the small and compact device intended for the use and consumption of wax concentrates. It’s arguably one of the smallest devices on the market that packs a decent punch in both flavor and potency. It’s outfitted with a coil-less cup atomizer making it not only a capable vaporizer for wax concentrates and other forms of extracts but also an economical one too. Unlike wax vaporizers or box mods that are outfitted with atomizers that have coils and rods, the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer leaves no room for wastage as the rods tend to accumulate wax concentrates that were not properly vaporized. Accumulation on wax will lead to resinous buildups that won’t only mean waste but will also create a breeding ground for microorganisms. To help vaporize your extracts using the coil-less quartz cup, the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer draws power from a 1000mAh battery that delivers substantial vapor production from your select wax concentrates. Paired with the quartz heating element, the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer makes for a solid device you can take with you wherever you may go.

If you’ve been wanting to use the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer as a companion for your daily dabbing sessions, here are a few things that might help you make a better decision before committing to the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer as a backup device or even as your daily driver. Here’s our unbiased review of Pulsar’s entry to the wax concentrate vaporizer platform.

An On-The-Go Dabber

Because of its size and weight, the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer is considered to be the ideal device to take when you need to dab especially when you’re out and about. The Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer measures at around 3 and a half inches tall with a width of 2 inches and a relative length of 3 and a half inches. This not only makes the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer a pocket-friendly device but also a wax vaporizer you can conceal within the palm of your hands. As long as you plan your sessions ahead, you can virtually take the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer with you almost anywhere you go. This makes it ideal for those who like to dab their select wax concentrates during quick breaks while working from home or just a quick fix when you’re out roaming the streets on a weekend night. You can take the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer with you when you hop around pubs so you can dab while indulging in drinks with friends. Because of its small size, the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer remains inconspicuous especially if you take small and short puffs form it. Like almost any dabber, doing small and short inhales allows you to enjoy discreet clouds that are packed with flavor. Moreover, because it is small, you can easily just pull it out of your pocket, take a quick hit, and then stow it away. Unlike other box mods or vape pens, carrying the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer is simple and easy and will not require you to lug around a large bulk and a heavy weight.

However, if you plan to use the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer when you’re on your feet, it’s important that you pay attention to how you store it. That’s because the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer is outfitted with a glass mouthpiece. Although the mouthpiece is made from strong and durable borosilicate glass, it’s still not immune to breakage. Because of the nature of the mouthpiece, it can break when it hits the corner of the table when in your pocket or if it bumps to a hard object when you store it in your bag. That said, you’re better off carrying the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer in your hands rather than carelessly putting it in your pocket or in your bag – just don’t drop it.

A Powerful Battery

Obviously, for its size, the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer offers a powerful battery equipped with 1100mAh of power. This battery powers the coil-less quartz cup and allows fast and effective vaporization of your extracts. The battery gives more than enough power allowing you to take on several sessions within the day. You’ll find that the 1100mAh battery is more than enough if you consume wax concentrates lightly and if your tolerance to concentrated cannabinoids is low. That’s why the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer is a device well-suited for the needs of beginners and those who are just exploring the advantages and the benefits of dabbing. If you’re looking to use the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer as a backup device, the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer will make for a perfect wax vaporizer primarily because it delivers powerful performance while maintaining a small form factor. Nevertheless, if you mean to make a daily driver out of it, please bear in mind that the battery is rated at around 1.5 hours of continuous use. That means if you’re a heavy consumer, you might find yourself recharging the battery at the very least once or twice a day. You’ll have no problems with it if you’re dabbing at home but you might want to plan your sessions and reconsider if you’re dabbing on-the-go. That’s because the battery recharges for a total of 1.5 hours and the charging port of the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer is located at the bottom of the unit. That said, it’s recommended that you consume and finish all the extracts inside the cup (the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer will be in a tilted position when charging). You wouldn’t want loose extracts dripping out of the vaporizer. Nevertheless, you’d find a wealthy option when recharging your wax vaporizer. Since it recharges via a USB cable, you can easily plug the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer on a desktop computer, a laptop, a gaming console, or a portable power bank and while it does suffer from a shorter battery life, the performance it puts out is nothing short of stellar.

Battery life offered by the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer can be affected by several factors including how long you drag from the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer, how hard you take your draws, and the temperature level you set the battery on.

Temperature Flexibility

The Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer offers superior temperature flexibility by providing consumers with four voltage settings. Whilst other vaporizer manufacturers are satisfied with outfitting their products with three preset temperature profiles, the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer offers an additional one – because why not? We can all use the additional temperature settings especially because wax concentrates are a variety of materials that are sensitive to heat. They react to the slightest change in temperature and so releases a variety of active ingredients and induces a variety of effects you can choose from. The temperature profiles from the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer are as follows; 2.5 volts, 2.8 volts, 3.2 volts, and 3.7 volts. Instead of using the old method of labelling the temperature profiles as low, medium, and high, the folks developing the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer decided to use the exact temperature or voltage readout. This can be seen in the illuminated part of the battery allowing you to easily see the running temperature setting of the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer.

Like most of today’s wax vaporizers, Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer’s low temperature profiles allow for flavorful clouds of vapor that are smooth and easy on the lungs and on the throat. On the other hand, the higher temperature profiles make for potent hits as the higher temperature profiles allow for the extraction of the wax’s psychoactive compounds. Playing with temperatures in between allows you to find your sweet spot and your balance of flavor and potency. Each temperature profile is calibrated to work well with the heating element made of pure quartz to faithfully preserve the overall quality of the materials you are consuming.

Another benefit of temperature flexibility is the ability to influence the density of the vapor. Lower temperature profiles often result in thin vapor production while the hotter the temperature is, the thicker and the denser the viscosity of the vapor is. Whatever your needs are in terms of effects and vapor density, the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer is a device you can count on.

Overall, the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer is a compact wax vaporizer we can recommend not only for advanced vape users but most especially for beginners. It’s got a battery that boasts performance and longevity that won’t overwhelm beginners but is sure to give them a handful. Sure, it has a glass mouthpiece but with proper care and caution, as well as planning of your sessions, the glass mouthpiece and the somewhat limited battery life are just small and inconsequential snags you can easily deal with. The Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer also comes with a slew of accessories making it ideal for beginners who are just starting out to collect their fair share of vape paraphernalia.


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What's In The Box

1 x Pulsar APX VOLT Vaporizer
1 x Quartz Coil-Less Cup Atomizer
1 x Silicone Container
1 x USB Charger
1 x Dab Tool


Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
5 Minutes
510 Threaded
181 g
2.9 x 1.21 x 0.87 Inches
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty