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Source Orb Versa Vaporizer Coupons and Deals | VapoCorner

Source Orb Versa

  • 3000mAh Battery Capacity
  • USB-C Charging Technology
  • Different Bucket Options
  • Digital Display Screen
Source Orb Versa


The Source Orb Versa is the latest in the eRig platform and is coming from the long-time veteran Source banner. The company has been making some of the best dab pens and wax vaporizers for the past decade and after a long hiatus and under new management at the helm, Source Vapes aims to make a solid comeback with this eRig. The Source Orb Versa uses a 3000mAh battery that allows the device to provide you with longer vaping sessions in between charges. The battery does use USB-C charging technology which allows it to recharge the battery faster. The Source Orb Versa also comes with an optional accessory that connects to the bottom of the battery allowing you to recharge your Source Orb Versa using a wireless charger. The Source Orb Versa uses the power coming from its versatile battery and direct it to the suite of heating element this eRig comes packed with. You’ll find that it comes with a titanium bucket, a ceramic bucket, and a quartz bucket. This trifecta of heating element ensures that you’ll have the benefit of cull customization within reach. The combination of precision temperature control and the use of various heating elements make the Source Orb Versa a worthy contender in the ever-growing eRig platform.

It’s true that the Source Orb Versa is the reimagining of many of today’s eRigs. It comes packed with a slew of features that make it a forward-looking device that aims to be relevant for decades to come. However, is it really worth investing in? Here is our unbiased review about the latest eRig from Source Vapes. Check out our points to consider before you commit to using the Source Orb Versa as your daily driver.

Full Customization of Your Sessions

As we’ve briefly covered above, the Source Orb Versa offers full customization of your daily sessions allowing you to alter and fine-tune your sessions down to the smallest variables to make each session and each pull truly yours. First is its ability to precisely customize the device’s heat settings. The Source Orb Versa uses precision temperature control as opposed to the usual preset temperature settings you’d often find on other devices. Having accuracy working in your favor actually helps you make the most out of your sessions. Imagine having to carefully and accurately determine the temperature of your dabs directly affecting the quality of your vapors in terms of flavor, density, and potency. The Source Orb Versa uses traditional “+” and “-” buttons to control and operate its temperature settings. Using controls that customers are familiar with allows the brand to eliminate unnecessary learning curve that may cause other consumers to shy away from using the Source Orb Versa. Pressing the “+” button increases the temperature level while pressing down the “-” decreases the temperature. The temperature ranges from 300° F to 800° F giving you a wide selection to choose from. The temperature settings as well as the readout of the temperature as displayed on the screen is pretty accurate given that Source Vapes always recommends that you synchronize the battery with the heating element before each session. The lower temperature settings stay true to the readout as well as the higher temperature levels.

Under low settings, you can expect the vapor to be packed with flavor while experiencing low flavor density which makes the vapors thin and quite insubstantial. On the other hand, cranking the temperature level up the highest setting allows you to enjoy potent rips that are quite full-bodied.

Changing the buckets or the heating elements also directly influences the quality of the vapors you can get when using the Source Orb Versa eRig. Quartz is known for its ability to quickly deliver and transfer heat from the battery to your dabs. This allows the Source Orb Versa to produce vapors almost instantaneous and because quartz can heat up in seconds, it’s capable of delivering huge vapors that are potent and can melt your face off. It can reach high temperature levels quickly so it can extract the potent active ingredients from your extracts faster. On the other hand, dabbing with the ceramic bucket allows you to enjoy the low and slow heating ceramic is known for. This means that the vapors take longer to heat up and that the ceramic heating element is saturated with all the flavonoids and the terpenes from your select extracts. For those looking for the ideal balance of vapor density and potency, the titanium bucket works best. It allows fast and effective heating of your wax concentrates without the risks of combusting or burning your materials.

Just the level of customization alone makes us want to recommend the Source Orb Versa to all types of users. In terms of actual operation, the Source Orb Versa is simple and straightforward. However, accessing and taking full advantage of its features may require a bit of getting used to.


Other Features

The Source Orb Versa offers several features that most advanced consumers might be familiar with although the means of accessing and taking full advantage of these features may pose a slight learning curve. Here are some of them.

Atomizer Sync – This allows the battery to synchronize with the atomizer and helps you get an accurate readout of the temperature every time. This feature also helps you get an accurate readout of the resistance of the atomizer on the unit. To do this simply press and hold the power button and the “-” button down for about 5 seconds.

Heat Speed Setup – What this feature does is that it allows you to change the speed in how the Source Orb Versa vaporizes your materials. A handy feature that further influences the quality of your vapors and ultimately, your overall vaping experience. To access this feature, hold the power and the “+” button for three seconds. Then, press either the “+” or the “-” button to move increase or decrease the speed from which the Source Orb Versa vaporizes your dabs. Once you’ve selected your preferred heat speed, confirm it by pressing down the power button down for 3 seconds.

Temperature Selection – Temperature selection with the Source Orb Versa is pretty straightforward. If there’s anything a newbie would feel comfortable playing with, this will be it. The “+” button increases the temperature level while the “-” decreases the temperature level. Holding down each respective button allows you to scroll through the settings faster.

Staring a Session – To activate the heating element, simply press the power button down for 3 seconds. Holding it down for another 3 seconds while the temperature is rising will stop the cycle.

The controls are pretty decent and straightforward but for someone who is just introduced to dabbing, understanding each step may take a while.

A Dedicated Reclaim Chamber

This feature is something we were surprised and are excited about. The Source Orb Versa offers a dedicated reclaim chamber for the residual substance that is a byproduct of the heated extract. If you’re been dabbing for quite a while now, you’d know that reclaim can be hard to deal with. It’s sticky and clogs up parts of your eRig. However, reclaim is something that can be collected and recycled. You can still vape reclaim as it continues to hold active ingredients and can still get you lifted. That said, having a dedicated chamber for collecting reclaim is an important feature for an eRig since it allows consumers to collect residual components of their extracts making the Source Orb Versa a device that cares about efficiency and economy.

For those looking for a practical device that can help with practical means of consuming wax concentrates, the Source Orb Versa will make for a great selection.

The reclaim chamber is located directly below the heating element and also serves as the vapor path of the Source Orb Versa. It’s a great concept but we believe that it can use some improvement. Source Vapes recommends that the reclaim chamber be removed with care. Although any consumer with enough common sense will know that removing and replacing eRig components requires some level of caution, having the manufacturer say to do it with care feels like they’re not confident with this feature. Nevertheless, the reclaim chamber feels sturdy although it can get really sticky. You’d have to move it back and forth to loosen it up a bit before you can remove it. It would have been better if they made it an easy access chamber allowing consumers to easily remove, replace, clean, and maintain the reclaim chamber which we believe will make the operation seamless and cohesive. Otherwise, it’s something we believe other manufacturers should be doing with their devices.

We at VapoCorner recommend the Source Orb Versa for advanced consumers who are familiar with having to play around with settings and are able to find their way through it. The Source Orb Versa offers only a limited warranty so if you break it while playing around with it then you’ll be sorry. It’s not like other products that boast lifetime warranty which means you’ll get a replacement the moment it breaks. That said, if you can deal with its minor inconveniences, somewhat complicated controls, and seemingly cumbersome operation, then you may find that the Source Orb Versa has some good features to offer.

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Deals & Sales

What's In The Box

1 x Versa Vaporizer
1 x Titanium Bucket
1 x Ceramic Bucket
1 x Bubble Carb Cap
1 x Atomizer
1 x USB-C Charging Cable
1 x Travel Case
1 x Slick Container
1 x Concentrate Tool


Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
585.13 g
6.6 x 2.9 x 2.9 Inches
3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty (Base), 6-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty (Atomizer)