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Source Vive Vape Pen Coupons and Deals | VapoCorner

Source Vive Vape Pen

  • Wax and Thick Oil Vaporizer
  • 510-Threaded Connection
  • Honey Straw Style Atomizer
  • Preset Temperature Settings
  • Removable Airpath
Source Vive Vaporizer


The Source Vive is the latest portable vaporizer from vaporizer manufacturer Source Vapes. Just recently, Source Vapes announced the revival of the brand and together with it, the release of two new vaporizers; the Source Orb Versa and the Source Vive. The Source Orb Versa is an eRig device designed and developed for home use while the Source Vive is the portable counterpart of the Orb Versa. The Source Vive is a dual-purpose dab pen and thick oil vaporizer. It’s outfitted with a honey straw style atomizer (touch-style coils) that allows you to use it as you would a nectar collector. On the other end, the Source Vive is outfitted with 510-threaded connections allowing you to connect almost any 510-threaded cartridge to it. This alone merits the Source Vive as a value-laden device giving you the value of two vaporizers for the affordable price of one. This dab pen is outfitted with a single power button that lets you take full advantage of its simplicity and ease of use. This makes the Source Vive the ideal dab pen to have and take with you especially when you’re out and about. You can keep it in your pocket or in your bag and enjoy a single dab pen that serves the purpose of two.

The Source Vive offers several advantages for the daily dabber. However, is this device truly worth buying? Or is it all hype and offers mediocre features you would find on other existing devices? Before you splash the cash and decide to buy the Source Vive as either your daily driver or as a portable companion when you’re away from your Source Orb Versa eRig, this unbiased vaporizer review is a must-read for anyone eyeing the Source Vive.

Dual-Purpose Vaporizer

It’s not uncommon for you to find dual-purpose vaporizers nowadays. In fact, many manufacturers have understood the market’s desire for dual-purpose devices and the need for vaporizers that can take on various roles. That said, the company seemingly took two of the most popular platforms today and have made a vaporizer based on these consumption methods. While what they did was somewhat innovative, it wasn’t going to break any records. First, there are various vaporizers who have the ability to vaporize both oils and waxes. Although the execution of the Source Vive is commendable. Source Vapes managed to make a discreet device by using a small profile and stealthy design. Sure, it doesn’t look like a humble office pen and people nowadays know what dab pens look like but the way the Source Vive looks and is designed still makes it a sleek, sophisticated, and discreet looking vaporizer.

It can vaporize wax concentrates straight from your wax concentrate jar. This appeals to more users because not only does it eliminate the need for reloading your wax pen vaporizer but it also allows you to consume larger dabs making it perfect and ideal for consumers with high tolerance to wax concentrates. That said, the Source Vive was designed and engineered to appeal more for casual and recreational consumers because of its ability to take on larger amounts of dabs and eliminate the cumbersome process of reloading wax concentrates; that is scooping up wax from a jar using your dab tool, closing the jar, opening your wax chamber, transferring the wax concentrates, closing the wax chamber (additional steps if you have coil caps) and then heating your dabs before you get to the vapor.

The Source Vive is also designed to cater to medicating patients who use pre-filled cartridges to consume CBD-rich medication in the form of thick oils and the likes. These cartridges can be connected to the 510-threaded link found on the other end of the device. You can use almost any 510-threaded cartridge both pre-filled and refillable making it a truly versatile unit.

Its duality is one of the Source Vive’s strongest suits making it a great device for consuming both wax concentrates and thick oils. We can easily recommend the Source Vive for both beginners and advanced consumers alike. It’s a good entry-level device that allows you to vape various types of materials as well as take on more advanced vaping sessions and kind of push yourself to the limits in terms of your tolerance to wax concentrates.


Preset Temperature Profiles

Another good feature offered by the Source Vive is its preset temperature profiles. Having just three preset settings instead of precision temperature selection makes the Source Vive a device geared for on-the-go use. Using precision temperature settings does give you the advantage of accurate vaporization but it requires a lot of button pushing and button mashing just so you can get the right temperature setting. There’s a reason why they’re common amongst home vaporizers and that’s because they take time to set and operate. When you’re using a portable vaporizer, you really do not have the liberty of time and of sitting down just so you can dial in your preferred temperature setting. On that note, the folks at Source Vapes decided to outfit the Source Vive with preset temperature profiles. This way the temperature on the Source Vive is already pre-determined but in a way that it’s calibrated to give you optimum performance.

The Source Vive uses three preset profiles and are labeled as low, medium, and high. Each temperature setting is color coded so you can easily see the temperature level when you’re dabbing on-the-go. Green represents low temperature levels while red means you’re dabbing at the hottest possible setting. You can expect flavorful cloud production when you’re at the lowest setting while the potency of your vapors is increased when you dab at the highest setting. This applies to both wax concentrates and cartridges alike.

The temperature profiles can be accessed with just a few clicks of a button and you can easily master the combinations so you can toggle through the settings without even looking at the Source Vive. One-handed operation and easily recognizable commands make the Source Vive an ideal choice for a dab pen for use when you’re out and about.

A Unique Heating Element

While the Source Vive can easily adapt to the quality of the heating element found in the cartridges, it aims to offer an iconic experience when you use it with wax concentrates. That’s because cartridges have built-in heating elements and atomizers in them and the way they are configured influences the way your vapors are produced and the way they are made by the manufacturers that produce the cartridges. Of course, the experience is accredited to the maker of the cartridge. On the other hand, the heating element Souce Vapes have control over is the one included in the Source Vive as it’s shipped right out of the box. What we’re talking about is the Source Vive Atomizer. The honey straw style atomizer features crushed quartz that allows fast and effective vaporization of your select wax concentrates.

The use of quartz is highly practiced in the vaporizer industry especially for devices intended for the vaporization of wax concentrates. That’s because wax easily reacts to the changing of temperature and the purity and reliability of quartz pairs well with extracts. So, it was only befitting to use quartz-based heating elements with the Source Vive. The crushed quartz in this honey straw style atomizer allows the immediate vaporization of wax concentrates during the immediate contact of the material to the coil. This only means that you can get the best results when you vaporize wax concentrates using this quartz coil. What makes the Source Vive atomizer unique isn’t that it uses quartz. It’s because it uses crushed quartz instead of the traditional coil setup where the atomizer is made up of quartz rods wrapped with titanium coils. This coil set up allows for less waste and better vaporization of wax concentrates since the clean surface of the Source Vive’s honey straw style atomizers allow for the wax to be completely vaporized and since the atomizer does not have any exposed coils, there is no chance that the wax will cling on to the coils. This results in a cleaner burn without the risk of wasting any material. Also, since the wax concentrates do not hold on to the coils, there are less instances of material buildup on the coils. This makes the heating element not only unique but also practical.

Using the honey straw coil as a nectar collector also means you can dab straight from your concentrate jar, your dab mat, and even from your dab tool. You are no longer held to the limitation of the average wax atomizer. Let’s be honest, wax atomizers can only hold a small amount of materials and you’d have to constantly reload your atomizer of you have a high tolerance with your wax concentrates. Because the Source Vive can be used as a nectar collector, you can easily take on larger dabs and longer sessions with ease and with comfort.

The Source Vive is a great dab pen for its price. It’s value-laden and we can recommend it to both beginners and advanced consumers alike. It’s a great investment that allows you to get the value of two vaporizers for the price of one.

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1 x Source Vive


Wax, Thick oils
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded