Terp Timer by OCTAVE

  • 1000mAh Battery Capacity
  • Aircraft-Grade Alloy Housing
  • Preset Temperature Setting
  • Integrated Alarm Feature
  • High-Grade Infrared Sensor


The Terp Timer by OCTAVE is a fairly new device that offers superior accuracy and precision when it comes to telling the temperature level of your banger. It’s a device that’s designed and engineered to work in conjunction with a traditional dab rig allowing consumers to tell exactly how hot or how cold their bangers are. This prevents age-old problems associated with using a conventional dab rig, including burnt wax concentrates. The Terp Timer by OCTAVE can also act as a way to provide your sessions with various levels of lows and highs as this accessory is outfitted with a preset temperature setting and rings the alarm as it reached different temperature settings. You’re going to enjoy its superior-quality heat sensor which can help accurately tell the running temperature level while giving you a handsfree experience. The Terp Timer by OCTAVE uses advanced technology to help accurately tell the temperature of your banger and do more than what the average temperature reader can offer.

If you want to know more about how the Terp Timer by OCTAVE can increase the quality of your sessions, check out our unbiased review of the Terp Timer by OCTAVE below. It’s a dab rig accessory that we believe is great for beginners and most especially experienced consumers who like the raw power and performance of using a dab rig. That said, here are some of the things to consider when deciding to invest in the Terp Timer by OCTAVE. We’ll discuss some real-world pros and cons to using the Terp Timer by OCTAVE so you better stay tuned.

Aircraft-Grade Alloy Body

The Terp Timer by OCTAVE uses an aircraft-grade alloy housing which helps provide the Terp Timer by OCTAVE with a lightweight body and a durable build. This means that the Terp Timer can withstand some minor manifestations of wear and tear meaning it will look as good as it performs overtime. Cleaning and maintenance are things that are also made simple and straightforward with its aerospace alloy housing. All it takes is a quick wipe with a dry or dampened cloth to rid the Terp Timer by OCTAVE of residue from spilt wax concentrates and from drops of heated wax concentrates when you get down and dirty during long and grinding sessions. Compared to other temperature readers, the Terp Timer by OCTAVE offers a premium look and feel because of this high-grade housing. You won’t have as much problems with it as you would with a cheap thermometer. The Terp Timer by OCTAVE is a device that’s going to last for years to come making it an ideal investment for beginners and advanced consumers alike.

However, we can say that the sheen and glossy surface of the Terp Timer by OCTAVE is not going to be for everyone. There will be consumers who prefer a more matte finish as the shiny exterior provided by the Terp Timer by OCTAVE can make it a magnet for fingerprint. If you get annoyed by it, just make sure that you have a cleaning cloth nearby to wipe off the Terp Timer by OCTAVE clean from time to time. Other than that, the Terp Timer by OCTAVE’s aerospace alloy body offers the ideal mix of beauty and durability you will find only on top-shelf products like the Terp Timer by OCTAVE.

Can Turn Your Rig into an eRig

Well, sort of. That’s because the Terp Timer by OCTAVE adds the element of precision temperature control to your daily sessions even if you’re using a traditional dab rig. eRigs are known for their ability to harness technologically advanced features like having preset temperature settings, just press some buttons and your eRig can give you a tailored experience depending on your preference and is reflected by the choice you made in selecting the temperature setting. With the Terp Timer by OCTAVE, you can simulate that experience even when you’re using a blow torch to heat your banger instead of a sophisticated and automated computing system. The Terp Timer by OCTAVE is outfitted with preset temperature settings that will sound off an alarm when the said temperature level is met. By simply placing the Terp Timer by OCTAVE under your banger, it can read the temperature level of your rig and notify you when your selected temperature profile is reached. That way, you can easily simulate the same experience of using an eRig with the dab rig you have at home.

Just torch your banger the same way you usually would and wait for the right moment the banger reaches your preferred temperature level. When it does, just drop your dabs in the banger and proceed to inhale the vapors. Like an eRig, there are various temperature settings to the Terp Timer by OCTAVE and it can also be adjusted by simply pressing a few buttons. This simple, straightforward, and convenient means of reading your dab rig’s temperature setting makes the Terp Timer by OCTAVE a necessary accessory for anyone who wants to elevate their dab rig experience.

A Long-Lasting Battery

The Terp Timer by OCTAVE is outfitted with a 1000mAh battery that’s rechargeable using a USB charging cable. This means that you can recharge the Terp Timer by OCTAVE almost anywhere, anytime. A single charge will last you up to two months. This way you don’t really have to worry about always reaching out for a USB outlet to recharge this temperature reader. It can manage long sessions in between charges and can last longer than any portable temperature reader on the market today. This innovative design and engineering places the Terp Timer by OCTAVE on the map and make it a must-have for any dab enthusiast who wants a temperature reader that does not need constant charging and consistent maintenance. Its long-lasting battery capacity makes the Terp Timer by OCTAVE a promising addition to your dabbing arsenal.
Apart from its long-lasting battery, the Terp Timer by OCTAVE is also backed by a long warranty. It has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty so you can enjoy using this temperature reader for years, even decades to come.

High-Quality Temperature Sensors

The Terp Timer by OCTAVE won’t be the temperature reader that it is today without using the best temperature sensors the industry has to offer. The sensors it uses are pointing upwards allowing the Terp Timer by OCTAVE to sit on the table and conveniently taking the temperature of your dab rig. The sensors are so responsive that you don’t need to bring it close to the banger in order to get an accurate temperature reading. According to the manufacturer, the Terp Timer by OCTAVE can get an accurate reading with a distance as far as 8 inches with a recommended range of 4 inches. These sensors even come with laser alignment features that allow you to align up or orient the sensor directly towards the banger. The laser alignment feature can also be turned off, but we prefer to have it on which makes the temperature reading more accurate. The downside of turning the laser off is that you sometimes experience a hard time lining up the sensor with the banger which can affect the accuracy of the temperature reading.
The Terp Timer by OCTAVE also offers an integrated alarm system which lets out a signal that your banger has reached its optimum temperature level. Its ability to accurately tell the temperature level matched with its ability to let you know exactly when it has reached your preferred temperature level is a great feature that makes it a more accurate device to aid you when using a dab rig.

Designed for Advanced Consumers

The Terp Timer by OCTAVE has the ability to make the necessary adjustments to help you calibrate your sessions when using a dab rig. As we’ve briefly covered above, the Terp Timer by OCTAVE is outfitted with a preset temperature setting that lets you select through different temperature levels to suit your needs. The actual features of the Terp Timer by OCTAVE are also adjustable, anything from the actual alarm system, the laser lights which we’ve discussed earlier, and the temperature reading. On that same note, the Terp Timer by OCTAVE may not be ideal for beginners because of the controls and the abundance of its customization features. Compared to other temperature readers on the market today, the Terp Timer by OCTAVE is on an advanced level in terms of usage and operation as other temperature readers do not have customizable features and are more of just like repurposed thermometers. On that note, the Terp Timer by OCTAVE is less of a plug and play accessory and may take a bit of getting used to. It definitely helps you get to that sweet spot but you may find that mastering the device takes a bit of work.

Overall, the Terp Timer by OCTAVE is a great accessory for anyone looking to add the element of accuracy and precision to their daily sessions using their conventional dab rigs.

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What's In The Box

1 x Terp Timer by OCTAVE
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Guide


Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
305 g
3.5 inches tall
10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty