Wulf UNI Vaporizer

  • 650mAh Battery Capacity
  • Pass-Through Charging
  • Variable Voltage Battery Mod
  • Pre-Heat Settings
  • Can Accommodate Cartridges Up To 12mm
Wulf UNI Vaporizer


The Wulf UNI Vaporizer is a collaborative piece between Yocan and Wulf Mods. It may just as well be Yocan’s UNI vaporizer dressed in Wulf garments but it does offer a few improvements which make it a device you can easily take with you when you go out and about. First is its 650mAh battery capacity that allows you to vaporize various types of cartridges without compromising the Wulf UNI Vaporizer’s overall performance. The battery does have pass-through capabilities so you can continue your sessions even when the Wulf UNI Vaporizer is plugged to the wall outlet. The mod itself is capable of variable voltage delivery allowing you to easily adjust the temperature level so you can personalize the results you get from using a single cartridge. To top it all off, the Wulf UNI Vaporizer is outfitted with pre-heat settings so you can prime your cartridges before use. The Wulf UNI Vaporizer is capable of accommodating cartridges from 6mm to 12mm in diameter which is basically almost every cartridge on the market today. Using the Wulf UNI Vaporizer gives you the freedom to use a wide variety of products with various flavors, consistency, and of course, potency. It’s the one mod to rule them all.

The Wulf UNI Vaporizer is a unique cartridge vaporizer that’s designed to vaporize e-liquids, e-juice, and thick oils making it ideal for both medicating patients and recreational consumers. It can fit pre-filled carts high in THC as well as refillable carts you can fill up with your CBD-rich oils you use to medicate. If you’ve been eyeing the Wulf UNI Vaporizer and are looking to get this portable oil vaporizer as a daily driver or as an occasional vaporizer you can use to get your quick fix. Here’s our unbiased review of the Wulf UNI Vaporizer dedicated to help you make a better decision before you buy this portable oil vaporizer.

A UNIversal Mod

The Wulf UNI Vaporizer is designed and engineered as a universal box mod to vaporize almost all the cartridges on the market today. This is made possible through the variable diameter opening as well as the adjustable cartridge height mechanism installed at the side and at the top of the device. The folks who developed this device know pretty well that not all cartridges are made equal. Although they may be similar in width and girth, other carts are actually taller than others. This variation in height and in width is at the discretion of the manufacturers to fit the needs of the e-liquid or the oil they brewed. This variation in height and in girth can be addressed using these mechanisms installed directly on the battery.

If you’re worried about how the cartridges connect to the battery, you shouldn’t be. That’s because the battery and the cartridge are bridged by a strong magnet that easily connects and detaches when you need to remove and replace your cartridges in place either for replacement or when refilling them. You no longer have to worry about loose threads as the threaded connection wear overtime. We know that’s a common pitfall amongst 510-threaded oil batteries but you won’t have to deal with them when using the Wulf UNI Vaporizer. This makes this compact oil vaporizer not just a convenient device you can use when you’re out and about but it’s also a practical tool that won’t have you buying a new battery every now and then. Other 510-threaded devices will tend to wear out when constantly and continuously may suffer from a loose thread as repetitive screwing and unscrewing can make the threads weak. When this happens and your battery no longer establishes a stable connection to the cartridge, you may need to replace them. But because the Wulf UNI Vaporizer uses magnets to bridge the gap, should the magnets suffer from loss of threading and connection, all you need to replace are the magnets that are a lot less cheap compared to the actual battery.

The Wulf UNI Vaporizer is something we’d recommend to any consumer who is interested in consuming oils or even wax concentrates through refillable cartridges that can accommodate smaller doses of wax. Its simple and straightforward operation makes it an ideal device for everyday on-the-go use.

Variable Voltage Battery

The Wulf UNI Vaporizer offers variable voltage settings that let you change the running temperature level of the device to get various results with just a few clicks of a button. Pretty much like the OG UNI, the Wulf UNI Vaporizer comes outfitted with three preset temperature profiles. They are the common low, medium, and high settings and are rated to be around 3.4 volts, 3.8 volts, and 4.2 volts respectively. That said you can enjoy clouds of vapor with low density and high flavor retention or clouds that are highly viscous and are extremely potent. This allows you to adjust the type of vapor output you can get to serve the purpose that suits you best. This feature only adds up to the Wulf UNI Vaporizer’s ability to act as a universal tool for consuming thick oils and e-liquids as the ability to change the temperature setting even at a pre-set standard allows the Wulf UNI Vaporizer to adjust the vapor quality for various types of users. From beginners who may appreciate a thinner and smoother vapor production to advanced consumers who like to take long drags and deep pulls with dense vapor production, the Wulf UNI Vaporizer has got it all.

Apart from the preset temperature settings, the Wulf UNI Vaporizer also offers a pre-heat setting which allows the cartridges to be heated before you pull from them. Often overlooked, the ability to preheat your cartridges offers several advantages. For on, when vaping in cold temperatures, pre-heating the carts allow any hardened oil due to the cold temperature to be melted. What it does is it allows the Wulf UNI Vaporizer to produce vapors almost instantaneously as soon as you press and hold the power button to activate the heating element. This helps you conserve battery since you won’t have to spend several seconds pressing and holding the power button just so the oils in the cartridge can be melted. Plus, consumers wanting to immediately reap the benefits their thick oils and e-liquids have to offer can get fast relief or even get lifted and medicated faster when taking advantage of the Wulf UNI Vaporizer’s pre-heat settings. Another advantage is that it unclogs the carts for better airflow. See when your cartridges are exposed to low temperatures, the oil in it can harden making it hard for you to inhale from the cartridge as the hardened oils may block the pathway of the vapor. Setting the Wulf UNI Vaporizer to pre-heat the cartridges will melt the oil and remove any obstruction from the vapor path. These benefits are often overlooked but offer a better experience to all consumers.

The battery of the Wulf UNI Vaporizer offers pass-through charging and can be conveniently charged using an inclusive USB charging cable that allows you to recharge the Wulf UNI Vaporizer using a desktop computer, a laptop, and even a video game console. While it may seem almost perfect, Wulf Mods warns its customers not to charge the battery for more than an hour after the first charge. Doing so will shorten the battery’s lifespan. Also, the included USB charging cable isn’t that long. Without a decent reach, its pass-through charging feature is almost useless.

Compact and Portable

The Wulf UNI Vaporizer is a small and compact battery that was designed and engineered to be the perfect device to use when you’re on-the-go. Although it still performs as good indoors as it does outdoors, the Wulf UNI Vaporizer shines the most when you use it while you’re on your feet. It measures only at roughly 3 inches tall without the cartridge (height will vary with cartridge used), roughly one and a half inch wide and an inch thick making the Wulf UNI Vaporizer just the right size for your palm and for your pocket. This only means you can easily conceal it in the palm of your hands most especially when you use a short cartridge that uses an inconspicuous mouthpiece. Should you need to use both hands, you can easily slide the Wulf UNI Vaporizer in your pocket and not worry about it breaking in it. The Wulf UNI Vaporizer offers a durable and a semi-rugged build that can withstand minor wear and tear as well as the effects of daily carrying activity.

It is the perfect vaporizer for those who like to consume their thick oils when they’re out and about. If you find yourself within the same category of users and are careful when recharging your battery, then the Wulf UNI Vaporizer might just as well be the perfect oil vaporizer for you. It offers a relatively powerful battery that does the job, several modes of physical and temperature adjustment, as well as simple and easy to use making it an oil vape we can easily recommend for beginners and advanced users alike.

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What's in the box

  • 1 x Wulf UNI Vaporizer
  • 1 x Magnetic Adapter
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual



Wulf Mods


Heating technology:


Temperature control:


Energy source:


Battery capacity:


Automatic shut-off:


510 threaded:



85 g


2.89 x 1.33 x 1 Inches


1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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