Yocan Armor Vaporizer

  • 380mAh Battery Capacity
  • 10-Second Pre-Heat Function
  • Preset Temperature Settings
  • USB Charging
yocan armor


If you’re been a follower of the brand, you probably know that they’re all for improvement and ingenuity. They are an innovative lot to the point that they have been releasing new vaporizer models on a bi-monthly basis for the past 12 months. That said, the way the company handles product research and development is pretty impressive. One product of this innovative approach to product design is the Yocan Armor. The Yocan Armor is Yocan’s latest entry to the dab pen platform and is pegged to be a compelling product on this category. The Yocan Armor is outfitted with a 380mAh battery that allows for decent performance in between charges. It’s coupled with Yocan’s iconic quartz dual coils that allows for a balanced vapor output that kind of leans towards flavor and a light body buzz, especially when compared to its larger atomizer counter parts like the Yocan quartz tri coils and the Yocan quad coils. Theis tandem of decent battery and a likewise decent atomizer allows the Yocan Armor to yield quite the satisfying vapors on-the-go. The Yocan Armor uses preset temperature settings allowing you to enjoy customized results when dabbing at home or on-the-go. There are three temperature profiles which means you will have an ample selection of temperature settings to vaporize your select wax concentrates. It also has a 10-second pre-heat function that is meant to allow you to either prep your coils or to pre-melt the extracts for almost on-demand vaporization. Either way, the Yocan Armor is a device built with on-the-go use in mind which is why it’s no surprise the Yocan Armor is one of today’s most sought-after wax vaporizers on the market.

If you’ve taken quite the liking on the Yocan Armor, this simple and unbiased review of Yocan’s newest dab pen is for you. Like almost all of Yocan’s products, the Yocan Armor is an entry-level device we can easily recommend to both beginners and advanced consumers alike. With the right expectations, it can satisfy both daily consumers and picky connoisseurs. So, without further ado, here are some of the things the Yocan Armor has to offer and in taking these things into consideration, we hope that you can make an informed decision before you make up your mind in buying this dab pen.

New Rugged Look

Yocan’s product are known to be simple and straightforward with a minimalist approach to design and aesthetics. The Yocan Armor, however, could be an exception. It deviates from the smooth and curved exteriors we often see on Yocan’s dab pens. As the product’s name suggests, the Yocan Armor was made to look tough. Rough and rugged on the outside, one that you can easily take with you almost anywhere you go and one you won’t have to worry about having in your bag or your pocket when you go out and about. The Yocan Armor is outfitted with an exterior that has some sharp edges and aggressive styling which makes it look the part. Because of the abundance of defined sections, especially on the battery, the Yocan Armor, as a result, is easy to hold. These defined frames allow you to easily hold the Yocan Armor conveniently when you use it when you dab on your feet. This somewhat rigid and ergonomic exterior helps in making the Yocan Armor a dab pen that’s easy to use on-the-go. It’s also equipped with a single power button that’s as durable and hard-wearing as its exterior façade.

This new rugged looks can only be seen on special products by Yocan like the Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod that shares the same aesthetic value as the Yocan Armor. If you like a device that offers a look that will stand by you to hell and back, the Yocan Armor might be the most affordable choice.


Simple and Straightforward

It’s unfortunate that vaporizers from Yocan often suffer from the misconception of being entry-level vaporizers. This stigma has been caused by two factors; the devices’ affordability and their simplicity. But that’s not always a bad thing. In fact, say what you will but one of the reasons why Yocan products are such best-sellers is because they’re simple and easy to use. Like most of Yocan’s products, the Yocan Armor is outfitted with only one power button. This power button is used to power the device on, off, toggle through the preset temperature profiles, activate the pre-heat function, and trigger the heating element. Imagine having to control and operate the device using only one power button. This only adds up to the Yocan Armor’s ability to be used conveniently when you’re on-the-go. Moreover, it has been proven time and time again that a single power button allows Yocan’s customers and consumers who like to dab on-the-go to control the unit with only one hand. One-handed operation is big especially amongst vape users since it allows the ability to use the vaporizer discreetly and stealthily.

Unlike using vaporizers with a slew of buttons, a single-button unit can be used and operated with just a few clicks of a button. You can even change the settings even when you have the Yocan Armor inside your pocket or in your bag allowing you to prep it even before you take it out so all you need to do is to take your draws. It works as simple and as easy as how you would type on keypad phones in the 90s. You can type messages without looking so long as you’ve mastered the placement of the keys. Likewise, you can operate the Yocan Armor without even looking at it as long as you’ve mastered the combinations for the controls. Speaking of which, the controls employed by the brand is something that many consumers have been familiar with. Whether you’re using an herbal pen, a dab pen, or vaping on nicotine-based e-juice, it’s basically all the same. Tap the power button five times to activate the battery. Tap it thrice to toggle through the temperature settings, and tap it twice to activate the pre-heat mode. It’s that simple. That said, we can easily recommend the Yocan Armor for beginners because of its ease of use. To be honest, if you don’t have any experience with a vaporizer, you may experience a bit of a learning curve. However, it takes only a few sessions for you to get familiar with how the Yocan Armor works.

Another advantage is its functionality. You’d have to press the button for the atomizer to heat up, resulting to the production of vapor. Many consumers have reported that it was easier for them to use a vaporizer that required them to push the button as opposed to one that generates vapors as you inhale from it. The principle behind this is that the vapors you get from a dab pen or a concentrate vaporizer is potent enough that it surprises your brain with the mount of active ingredients you get in one pull. This is true especially for consumers who are former smokers. It’s easier for the brain to process the steps and anticipate the results of using a dab pen that requires to be pressed before the vapors are produced. On that note, the Yocan Armor offers simple and straightforward use that’s easier to comprehend to.

Decent Temperature Flexibility

The Yocan Armor offers pre-set temperature settings and are only three. Many consumers, especially advanced users, may even throw shade and say that this is mediocre. True enough, one cannot dismiss that it’s a fairly limited selection. In fact, connoisseurs that are used to exposing their dabs to a certain or a particular temperature level may find the temperature profiles generic and even lacking. The temperature levels are as follows; low at 3.0 volts, medium at 3.5 volts, and high at 4.0 volts. Although they are only three, each temperature level is designed to provide a particular result. The lower temperature setting is made for the production of flavorful clouds of vapor with only a light psychoactive buzz. One the other hand, the higher temperature settings can yield powerful vapors that can melt your face off. The medium temperature settings allow for a balanced vapor production letting you enjoy both flavor and potency.

On a different note, having a dab pen that only has three temperature settings makes it easy for beginners to get accustomed to the effects of their wax concentrates when exposed to various temperature levels. It may be hard for someone new to dabbing to find the right temperature level they are most comfortable with aka your sweet spot. That said, many beginners find the use of precision temperature control somewhat daunting and often shy away from the experience. Using a device that allows for quick and easy transitioning from one temperature level to another makes it easy for beginners and keeps the Yocan Armor a user-friendly entry-level unit.

The Yocan Armor is something we do recommend for beginners who are looking for a dab pen they can take with them wherever they may be or for veterans who are just looking for a backup device they can use when they’re away from their eRigs and dab rigs. Either way, the Yocan Armor is a capable device especially if you lead an active lifestyle.

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What's In The Box

1x Armor Vaporizer
1x Extra QDC coil
1x Pick Tool
1x USB Cable
1x Instructions Manual


Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
70 g
4.40 x 0.55 x 0.55 Inches
90-Day Manufacturer’s Warranty