Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer

  • 1100mAh Battery Capacity
  • Single Heat Setting
  • USB Charging Technology
  • Dual Quartz Atomizer
  • Integrated Wax Container
Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer


The Evolve Plus Vaporizer is the second iteration of the brand’s flagship Evolve line of vaporizers. The Evolve family of dab pens have spanned countless versions starting from the original Evolve dab pen, the Evolve Plus, the Evolve Plus XL and its multi-functional spin-offs the Evolve 2-in-1, Evolve 3-in-1, Evolve Plus 2-in-1, Evolve-D, Evolve-C, Evolve-D Plus, and the Evolve 2.0. Yocan’s Evolve vaporizers has been successful despite its simple and rudimentrary design. One can say that Yocan has found the right recipe for delivering user-friendly devices that work. That said, the Evolve Plus Vaporizer is outfitted with simple and straightforward features that can help consumers experience the best sessions while they’re on their feet. These features include the 100mAh battery that uses a single heat setting. This allows you to heat your select wax concentrates in a single temperature level that allows you to easily recognize and familiarize yourself with the effects of your wax concentrates. It eliminates the need for customization and having to select different temperature levels which makes it ideal for beginners. The Evolve Plus Vaporizer’s single heat setting is paired with the brand’s iconic Quartz Dual Coil Technology. This wax atomizer allows the production of vapors that are packed with flavors with just the right amount of body buzz allowing you to reap the benefits of your favorite extracts even when you’re out and about. Speaking of which, Yocan’s Evolve Plus Vaporizer is also made with an integrated wax container so you can easily take your sessions wherever you go.

However, its simple design may not work for everyone. Because the Evolve Plus Vaporizer uses only one heat setting and does not have much to offer in terms of personalization and customization, it may not satisfy the needs of advanced and experienced consumers. Those who are used to setting various temperature levels to change the vapor output might not get what they’re looking for with the Evolve Plus Vaporizer. Nevertheless, the simple and straightforwardness of the device seems to make up for its shortcomings. So, if you find yourself confused and on the fence about buying the Evolve Plus Vaporizer, we strongly suggest reading our detailed review about the Evolve Plus Vaporizer. Here, we’ll talk about some of its features to help you decide whether or not the Evolve Plus Vaporizer is the right vaporizer for you. Here at VapoCorner, we’ll help you make a better decision in buying your vaporizer whether you’re planning to buy one as a daily driver or as an occasional vaporizer. So, without further ado, let’s start the review.

Dependable Battery

Let’s start with what the Evolve Plus Vaporizer has to offer under the hood. The Evolve Plus Vaporizer is outfitted with a rechargeable 1100mAh battery that can be recharged using micro-USB charging technology. This allows you to juice up the battery almost everywhere you are. Compared to earlier dab pen models that use 510-threaded eGo-style charger, the Evolve Plus Vaporizer offers more charging options with faster results. You can recharge the battery using a wall adapter plugged in a wall outlet or on your desktop computer’s USB port. If you’re on-the-go, you can connect the Evolve Plus Vaporizer to other devices like a laptop computer or a compatible portable power bank. This lets you recharge the Evolve Plus Vaporizer’s battery in various occasions without the need of having to look for the nearest power outlet when you dab outside. Compared to older chargers, Yocan’s Evolve Plus Vaporizer offers faster charging times and a more stable power delivery. In terms of power delivery, the Evolve Plus Vaporizer is capable of generating 3.8 volts and 25 watts of power which provides the atomizer with the right amount of voltage to produce flavorful vapors with just the right amount of potency. At this temperature range, the Evolve Plus Vaporizer can extract the flavonoids and the terpenes from your wax concentrates as well as the psychoactive compounds from the extracts giving you a balanced vapor production perfect for rest, relaxation, and deep sleep. It’s outfitted with a single button used to power the battery on and off and to activate the heating element. The Evolve Plus Vaporizer’s battery works pretty much like your average dab pen with 5 clicks to turn it on and 5 clicks to turn it off. Pressing and holding the said button lets you heat the wax concentrates and letting the button go lets you stop the cycle.

Now for the cons.

As we’ve briefly covered above, having a single heat setting can work for you or against you. For beginners, it eliminates confusion and the need for a learning curve which can let one pick up the Evolve Plus Vaporizer and use it right then and there. This lets novices and vape newcomers to gain confidence in using the Evolve Plus Vaporizer even when they’re out and about. Because there’s literally no need for setting and prepping the battery, you can easily pull it out of your pocket, take a quick hit, and slide it back in. On the other hand, experienced consumers might find this single heat setting quite a bit lacking. Dabbing on a single setting can get old fast and with no option to change the quality of the vapor, it may seem that the Evolve Plus Vaporizer will leave you wanting more. So, if you’re the kind of consumer who looks for variety, you’re better off looking the other way. However, if you want consistency, the Evolve Plus Vaporizer might just be the right vaporizer for you.

Built for On-The-Go Use

The Evolve Plus Vaporizer was made with the on-the-go consumer in mind. Some of its features are specifically designed and engineered to allow consumers to wield the Evolve Plus Vaporizer when they’re out and about. The aforementioned single heat setting is one of them, another is its integrated wax concentrate jar. This allows you to carry your favorite materials when you’re out and about. Instead of having to lug around a separate jar for your wax concentrates, you can conveniently store them at the bottom of your vaporizer. The wax container is lined with high-quality silicone material which allows you to store and pick up the wax concentrates without it sticking to the sides and the floor of the wax jar. The silicone material also keeps the wax concentrates fresh so you can enjoy fresh tasting vapors on-the-go. It also boasts a threaded design so you’re sure the jar won’t fall off when you have it connected on your Evolve Plus Vaporizer. Another feature that makes the Evolve Plus Vaporizer ideal for on-the-go use is the functional coil caps found above the wax coil. The coil caps prevent spit backs and can help regulate the temperature in the atomizer. For the uninitiated, spit backs are the hot wax concentrates that spit up the mouthpiece as the wax concentrates are heated. They bubble up and spit out from the atomizer to the mouthpiece. They can hurt your lips or in some cases, your tongue. The coil caps effectively cover the atomizer and allow only a stream of vapor to pass through the mouthpiece. Another benefit of the coil cap is that it helps regulate the temperature in the atomizer. It helps the Evolve Plus Vaporizer achieve heat retention which in turn helps the device use less battery as it maintains and retains heat in the atomizer so you don’t have to use that much power when you fire the Evolve Plus Vaporizer up a second time.

These features are great for when you plan to bring the Evolve Plus Vaporizer on your travels. That said, the Evolve Plus Vaporizer may be better suited for on-the-go use compared to using it at home. That’s why consumers who are always on their feet are the ones who are more to benefit in using the Evolve Plus Vaporizer than the ones who are always at home. The Evolve Plus Vaporizer was designed to take the comfort of having all the amenities you have at home packed into a single device that can cater to your needs when you’re outside the comfort of your own home.

Wide Compatibility

Because the Evolve line of vaporizers has spanned countless versions and iterations, the Evolve Plus Vaporizer now enjoys a compatibility to Yocan’s wide range of vaporizer accessories – specifically their wax atomizers. The Evolve Plus Vaporizer can work with the brand’s various wax atomizers from the inclusive quartz dual coils, to the new quartz tri coils. There are also other options aside having quartz as a heating element and use ceramic allowing you to enjoy the effects of different heating elements on your wax concentrate. It may not have built-in temperature control settings but it does allow for some level of customization with these accessories. That said, you will have to shell out a couple of bucks so you can take advantage of its compatibility with Yocan’s accessories.

Overall, the Evolve Plus Vaporizer is a great option for beginners who are looking for a device with decent power and has the potential to be upgraded using different atomizers in the future.

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What's In The Box

1 x Yocan Evolve Plus
1 x Evolve Plus 1100mAh Battery
1 x Dual Quartz Wax Atomizer
1 x USB Charger
1 x Wax Dab Tool


Wax Concentrates
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
210 g
4.7 x 0.74 x 0.74 inches
90-Day Manufacturer’s Warranty