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Yocan Falcon Vaporizer - VapoCorner

Yocan Falcon Vaporizer

  • 1000mAh Battery Capacity
  • 6-in-1 Portable Vaporizer
  • USB-C Charging Technology
  • Dual-Use Vaporizer
  • Pre-Heat Temperature Settings
  • Magnetic Metal Jar
Yocan Falcon Vaporizer - Black


We couldn’t stress it any further, Yocan is a name in the vaporizer industry that’s synonymous with the words practicality and innovation. They’ve been putting out groundbreaking vaporizers year after year and they’ve already secured a lot of patents for products that have shown how creative the team behind Yocan can be. The Yocan Falcon is one of these devices that is not only groundbreaking but one that transcends barriers in the world of vaping. The Yocan Falcon is arguably the only 6-in-1 vaporizer on the market that does not only offer six ways of vaping your select materials but can also accommodate both wax concentrates and dry herb strains. It’s so inventive and practical that it can even be a single station for consuming almost all kinds of materials to keep you lifted and medicated. The Yocan Falcon is backed by a powerful 1000mAh battery that delivers long vaping sessions and is capable enough to support all the heating elements that are compatible with the Yocan Falcon. It uses the latest USB-C charging technology to deliver the power the Yocan Falcon needs to recharge. It has three voltage settings for session customization and personalization and a 10-second preheat function to help you get your materials ready the moment you press the button.

The Yocan Falcon looks like a promising device with all the features it has to offer. That said, it will cost more than most vaporizers in Yocan’s stable and for good reason. If you’re unsure about whether or not the Yocan Falcon is the right vaporizer to invest in, check out this detailed review where you can find out some of the pros and cons of using this new vaporizer from Yocan. So, if you’re ready, let’s get right into it.

A Beefy Battery

The Yocan Falcon is outfitted with a beefy battery that’s designed and engineered for long and demanding use. 1000mAh of battery capacity allows you to enjoy longer vaping sessions with more significant performance in between charges. What that does is that it allows you to consume your favorite materials without ever worrying of experiencing a drop in performance when the battery goes low or having to run to the nearest wall outlet after having a few sessions in. The Yocan Falcon’s large battery capacity ensures that you can have the liberty to be somewhat careless and focus more on what’s important rather than keeping your eye on the battery level. That said, you can pay more attention to the effects of your select dry herb strains and wax concentrates. The Yocan Falcon’s battery is housed in a dab pen-like device with both ends compatible with a slew of accessories which we’ll get into in a few. In our own opinion, the battery is not overpowered and is just right for the attachments that the Yocan Falcon can cater to. Nevertheless, having a battery this powerful makes the Yocan Falcon a device that can definitely provide you with the quality of sessions you need whether you prefer short and flavorful ones or the long and potent kind. It also features a 10-second preheat temperature setting which helps prepare your select materials making sure they’re ready to be vaporized as soon as you press that button.

A battery this big needs a reliable means of charging. That’s why the Yocan Falcon is equipped with USB-C charging technology. Compared to traditional micro-USB, USB-C offers faster charging times and a more stable power delivery. You won’t have to wait for hours just to get the Yocan Falcon to a full charge. The Yocan Falcon’s USB-C technology can recharge your battery fast, all while eliminating the risks of damaging the battery from over voltage and other common charging issues. This way you can prevent problems like bloating and leakage which can ultimately damage the battery. Other benefits include using the same charging cable as your smartphone or laptop making the Yocan Falcon an ideal device to bring with you when you travel.

Unique Glass Attachment

The Yocan Falcon is compatible with a unique glass attachment that allows the Yocan Falcon to deliver vapors that are smooth and easy on the lungs. The Yocan Falcon’s glass attachment offers an element of water filtration and moisture conditioning. This makes the Yocan Falcon a device that can yield high-quality vapors that are fit for a medical consumption. By adding water filtration to the equation, the Yocan Falcon can now filter and sift the vapors of any impurities and irritants that may cause you to cough right after you take a draw. Glass attachment can also moisturize the vapors and decrease its harshness by cooling it down. Compared to directly inhaling vapors straight from the heating element, inhaling one that passed through a water attachment or a water bubbler creates an effect that makes the vapor seem easier on the lungs and on the throat.

While it does cool and smoothen the vapors, it leaves no other effect on the quality of the materials it produces. It even helps preserve the taste and the aroma of the vapors. See, other mouthpieces made from weaker and cheaper materials rub off on the vapors making them smell and taste like cheap metal or plastic. This is an obvious effect as the heat from the heating element may have caused the mouthpieces to imbue some of its essences on the vapor which could be bad because it gets mixed with vapors that you’re inhaling. Using the Yocan Falcon’s glass attachment somehow helps you eliminate that problem although the Yocan Falcon’s metal mouthpiece is equally safe.

6-in-1 Vaporizer

One of the highlights of using the Yocan Falcon is its 6-in-1 capability. There are six ways to use this device and all of them are designed and engineered for optimum wax concentrate and botanical plant matter consumption. Let’s go over them one by one.

First, the Yocan Falcon can be used as a traditional nectar collector with a glass attachment and the brand’s XTAL coils. This mode of usage lets you enjoy large clouds of vapors and big dabs because you’re not limited to the amount of wax concentrates that you put in the atomizer. Instead, you’re dabbing straight from the wax container in large amounts. This is perfect for advanced consumers and those that have developed a higher tolerance to the psychoactive effects of the extracts they’re consuming. The second way of using it is by replacing the glass attachment with the metal mouthpiece, still with the XTAL coils. While the glass attachment offers an improved vapor quality, the metal mouthpiece focuses more on portability. This way you can carry the Yocan Falcon around as a nectar collector for an on-the-go honey straw you can hide right in your pocket. The third way of using the Yocan Falcon is by using it as a traditional dab pen. This time you connect the glass water attachment again but instead of using the Yocan Falcon as a honey straw, you use the quartz tri coil and use it as a traditional dab pen. The fourth way is to remove the glass attachment and replace it with the metal mouthpiece while still having the wax coils attached. The fifth way is by replacing the glass attachment and using the pancake style dry herb coils so you can consume your favorite dry herb strains while experiencing all the goodness of having water filtration and moisture conditioning on your side. Lastly, you can remove the glass mouthpiece and replace it with the metal mouthpiece so you can take your dry herb vaporizer almost anywhere you go.

The ability to use a portable vaporizer in six different ways is unheard of. Moreover, the Yocan Falcon does the transition from one mode to another without compromising the user experience and at the same time keeping things seamless. And while beginners might even find it difficult at first, the way to use the Yocan Falcon in six different ways is easy to get used to.

Preset Temperature Settings

The Yocan Falcon is outfitted with three preset temperature profiles allowing you to select the ideal temperature setting for you and your materials. These preset temperature levels have never been more relevant because the Yocan Falcon is compatible with both dry herb strains and wax concentrates so you will have to have some kind of temperature control to facilitate some level of personalization and customization. The temperature levels are at 3.2 volts for its lowest setting, 3.7 volts for its medium setting, and 4.2 volts for its high setting. This gives you the ideal temperature profiles to extract some of the most distinct active ingredients from your materials whether it’s wax or weed. The lower temperature range offers flavorful vapor production, especially when consuming ground botanical plant matter because it allows the extraction of the terpenes, the flavonoids, and the trichomes in the herbs which impacts flavor and aroma. The higher temperature settings offer a potent experience, especially because it can extract the psychoactive compounds in your wax concentrates.

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What's In The Box

1 x Yocan Falcon Vaporizer
1 x Metal Mouthpiece
1 x XTAL Tip
1 x Pancake Coil
1 x Pick Tool
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Mini Cleaning Brush
1 x USB-C Cable
1 x Multi-Functional Holder
1 x User Manual


Wax Concentrates / Dry Herbs
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
7.79 x 2.1 x 2.1 inches
90-Day Manufacturer’s Warranty