Yocan Regen Vaporizer

  • 1100mAh Battery Capacity
  • Preset Temperature Settings
  • Magnetic Connection
  • Includes Two Coils
  • Integrated Silicone Jar
Yocan Regen Vaporizer


The Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer is one of the brand’s newest dab pens that are geared to provide superior on-the-go vaporization at an affordable price. Although it’s common for Yocan products to have affordability as their selling-point, the Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer offers more than just a low price-point to attract consumers. It’s got familiar features found on older Yocan products. First, the Yocan Regen is outfitted with a powerful battery that allows for longer and more substantial vaping sessions in between charges. This means you can squeeze more out of your battery to make the most of your time dabbing when you’re out and about. The battery can also be charged using micro USB technology allowing you more options to recharge your battery when it runs out. Next, the Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer also comes with preset temperature levels allowing you to change the running temperature level of this wax pen vaporizer depending on your needs. As expected, the Yocan Regen is equipped with three temperature levels that are simple and easy to understand. This makes the Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer a dab pen that’s ideal for beginners. It’s also a practical choice since the Yocan Regen comes with two coils right out of the box allowing your better customization, personalization, and ultimately a backup for when one of these coils give out. Lastly, this vape pen also comes with an integrated wax jar allowing you to carry extra materials when you take your sessions outside the comfort of your home. The Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer is a device that has all the features that placed the brand on the map.

If you’re eyeing for the Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer as your new daily driver or just an alternative option you can use when you’re away from your dab rig or your eRig, here are some things you should be considering before you splash the cash. Here at VapoCorner, we do our best to provide you with unbiased reviews with real-world advantages and disadvantages of using the products we feature on our site to help you make the right decision when buying your next vaporizer.

A New Coil Option

The Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer is the device that featured Yocan’s new coil option exclusively out of the box. Yocan was known for its quartz dual coils (QDC). This coil option is made up of two quartz rods wrapped in titanium coils. Quartz is known as a good conductor of heat and can help vaporize your select wax concentrates with very minimal to no effort. That said, the use of Yocan’s iconic QDC helps the Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer conserve battery for longer sessions. This very coil offers an experience that leans more towards the flavor and a subtle body buzz.

On the other hand, Yocan used the Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer as a device where they can introduce their new coil – the quartz tri coil (QTC). As the name suggests, the Yocan quartz tri coil offers better vaporization through the use of three quartz rods wrapped in the same titanium coils. The more quartz rods mean that there’s more power delivered to your wax concentrates allowing you to reap more potent results. This coil bridges the gap between Yocan’s coil offerings for wax vaporizers. They have a single quartz coil found on smaller atomizers in their Yocan Evolve 2.0 and Yocan Trio wax pods, Yocan’s dual quartz coils that are found on larger wax pens, and Yocan’s quad coils that are found on their Evolve Plus XL Vaporizers. The quartz tri coils offer the perfect dab-smack in the middle balance of power and flavor.

The two coils, both the quartz tri coils and the dual quartz coils offer their own unique sets of advantages that allow further customization and personalization of your sessions. They are also 510-threaded which means removing and replacing these coils are pretty simple and straightforward. You won’t have to spend too much time trying to figure out how to take them out and put them back. You just screw the atomizer on and off its place and you can directly influence the quality of your vapors.

So, if you’re someone looking to test Yocan’s latest coil option, the Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer is your best option.

Familiar Yocan Dab Pen Features

The Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer boats familiar features found on other Yocan dab pens. These include the three preset temperature profiles that are designed and engineered to make the use of a temperature-controlled battery simple and straightforward for both beginners and advanced consumers alike. The use of preset temperature settings allows for a simple way of finding your sweet spot without having to go through too much trouble. Compared to using a vaporizer with precision temperature control, the Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer is easier to operate making it more user friendly for beginners. Instead of learning about what active ingredients are released at what exact temperature level, one can easily select low, medium, or high and use that as a reference when selecting the vapor quality they want. It makes it easier for beginners to get familiarized with the effects and the benefits of exposing their wax concentrates to various temperature settings.

The preset temperature levels are also an easy way of controlling the device since all you need to do is to tap the power button a couple of times to toggle through the preset temperature profiles. You can easily cycle through these settings and find that you can do it even without looking at the Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer. Pretty much like how muscle memory works, you’d know just how many clicks turn the device on and how many clicks gets you through your preferred temperature setting. That way you don’t have to sit and stare on a vaporizer screen and press a few more buttons just so you can set the device to the proper temperature setting. It’s easier, simpler, and is ideal for a dab pen to be used while you’re on-the-go.

Another familiar feature is the inclusion of the integrated wax container. This allows you to carry wax concentrates without the use and the need for another container. This way you don’t have to carry any more paraphernalia when you plan on dabbing while you’re on your feet. The Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer allows you to bring with you an average of 2ml of material inside the silicone-lined wax concentrate container. This also means that the material you put in will not stick to the sides and the corners of the container like it would on glass jars.

Designed for Comfort and Convenience

The Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer sports features that only show that this dab pen was designed and engineered for comfortable and convenient on-the-go vaping sessions. One of these features includes the Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer’s magnetic connections. This allows consumers to easily remove and replace components like the mouthpiece instead of having to bother themselves with threaded mouthpieces that take several seconds just to take out. Moreover, one can easily reload the Yocan Regen Vaporizer with wax concentrates whilst on their feet. This is important most especially because having to remove and replace the mouthpiece in most vaporizers that have threaded connections do take time. And we all know that time is of the essence when you’re vaping outdoors. The magnets are located on the base of the mouthpiece and the lip of the battery. It creates a connection that is made strong so that it won’t easily fall off or break when in your pocket and tensile enough that you can easily remove it without exerting too much force.

Another feature is the hanging ring. This ring can easily be attached or removed from the base of the battery to give way to the lanyard connection so you can simply just let the Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer hang on your neck if you don’t want to keep it in your pocket. This can be put to good use when you’re attending events like concerts or parties where it’s easier to dab with the Yocan Regen Vaporizer hanging around your neck instead of having to pull it from your pocket and put it back again. Moreover, this can be of practical use when you have your pockets full or when you’re wearing a pretty dress and you don’t want to put your vaporizer inside your, likewise, pretty purse. This allows you to make the Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer your ideal companion when you travel.

Overall, the Yocan Regen Vaporizer is a device worth investing in regardless if you’re a beginner or an advanced consumer. It’s an affordable device that delivers good-quality vapors without compromise, plus the addition of the brand-new coils is a plus. Sure, it does not have fancy precision temperature control but it does offer some decent options for personalization and customization. If you don’t mind having to use a dab pen with only just preset temperature settings, then the Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer might just as well be the destined dab pen for you.

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What's In The Box

1 x Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer
1 x Quartz Dual Coil
1 x Quartz Tri Coil
1 x Loading Tool
1 x Hanging Ring
1 x Changing Cable
1 x User Manual


Wax Concentrates
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
73 g
4.33 x 0.74 x 0.74 inches
90-Day Manufacturer’s Warranty