Yocan Trio Vaporizer

  • Pod Vaporizer for All Kinds of Extracts
  • Refillable Pods
  • 500mAh Battery Capacity
  • Magnetic Connection
  • Variable Voltage Battery
Yocan Trio Vaporizer


The Yocan Trio Vaporizer is Yocan’s entry to the pod vaporizer platform. The brand has been into the production of various dab pens and is fully equipped and is highly capable of competing in the said platform. They did not only make a pod vaporizer like many others but in classic Yocan fashion, they redesigned and revamped pod vaporizers in general. Instead of making a pod vape, they made a device that combines the benefits one can get from using a pod vape and a dab pen. This makes the Yocan Trio Vaporizer one of the best devices suited for the consumption of various extracts from hard and solid wax concentrates to gooey and liquid extracts – the Yocan Trio Vaporizer can vaporize them all. Right off the bat, the Yocan Trio Vaporizer uses a 500mAh battery that is capable of providing you with more than decent vapor production and a relatively decent number of sessions in between charges. It can be recharged using the inclusive USB charging cable with a micro USB charging tip. The Yocan Trio Vaporizer is outfitted with a single power button that allows you to use and operate the device as you would a dab pen and is one of the very first features that combines a wax pen vaporizer and a pod vape. You’ll also find familiar features like a variable voltage setting that can be used to alter the reaction of your extracts as well as the quality of the vapors when you hit it. And, like many of Yocan’s products the Yocan Trio Vaporizer uses pods that are refillable which only means that you can use a wide variety of materials with it making the Yocan Trio Vaporizer a practical device to use when you’re at home or when you’re out and about.

Overall, the Yocan Trio Vaporizer is a pretty solid and innovative device. If you’re been meaning to get the Yocan Trio Vaporizer as your daily driver or as a means of alternately consuming your favorite extracts, then you’re on the right page. Here’s our unbiased take on the advantages and disadvantages of using the Yocan Trio Vaporizer. Find out more to help you make a better decision in committing to buying this pod vaporizer from Yocan.

A Pod for Your Every Need

The Yocan Trio Vaporizer is a three for one vaporizer that it can vaporize three varieties of extracts; wax concentrates, thick oils, and e-juice. That means you can consume a wide variety of materials and enjoy what each has to offer. The Yocan Trio Vaporizer uses pods that are specific to each material and while others are quick to judge that changing from one pod to another takes effort and can be cumbersome, it does pose several advantages in doing so. First, because each material gets its own pod, the don’t get mixed up with each other. This means wax stays with wax, oils with oils, and e-juice with e-juice. Using a single pod or only one heating element not only exposes the materials to each other but causes the flavor and the consistency to get mixed up. This may cause problems in cleaning and in the longevity of the heating element. See, the more you use your atomizer, the weaker it gets, the more type of materials you use in it the dirtier it will be, and the harder it will be to clean. This all contributes to the decrease in lifespan and performance. That said, using a separate pod for each material was in our opinion a good move.

For Yocan’s wax pod, they used a tried and tested heating element and shrunk it down to size. The wax pod was endowed with a single quartz rod wrapped with titanium coils that allowed the Yocan Trio Vaporizer to effectively and efficiently vaporize your select concentrates. On the other hand, the e-juice and the thick oil pods were both gifted with a ceramic coil that allows for the slow vaporization of your extracts. Both the e-juice and the oil pods produce flavorful clouds of vapor with a light to a mild body buzz. The three pods work well with each material it was designed for and since you only use one type of material, the flavor and the potency of each material remain distinct and unique. This allows you to faithfully preserve the attributes and the properties of your wax concentrates, thick oils, and e-juices. While it’s true that having to change each pod, let alone remembering which is which, may seem like hard work, the results show that it pays off.


A Lasting Portable Battery

For a pod vaporizer, 500mAh of battery capacity is pretty decent. For light consumers, you can get 2 to 3 days while the Yocan Trio Vaporizer can last heavy consumers a day or two. The battery itself is lightweight and is only as small as a conventional lighter. This means that you can carry it around almost anywhere you go and that you can conceal it in more ways than one. This small and compact build coupled with a decent battery life makes the Yocan Trio Vaporizer an easy choice not only for beginners but also for advanced users. A lasting battery means that you can enjoy it longer without worrying about recharging soon. This allows you to take the Yocan Trio Vaporizer to work if you’re a patient who needs to take your medication quite frequently, or to parties if you just want to get lifted and elevated amongst the crowd.

This makes the Yocan Trio Vaporizer an ideal device to take with you during trips and vacation or even when you just plan to roam around town on a Saturday night. Having a battery that you can rely on allows you to reap the benefits your select materials have to offer without worrying if and when you’ll be running out of power. The battery pairs well with the small heating elements as they do not demand as much power as their average-sized counterparts. This means that even the pods contribute to the Yocan Trio Vaporizer’s battery-saving features making the system as a whole an energy-efficient unit. The battery can be charged using an inclusive USB charging cable with a micro USB tip. This means that should you lose battery when you’re out and about, you can simply just plug the Yocan Trio Vaporizer into your laptop computer or to any portable power bank you have with you. When you’re at home and there are no power outlets available, you can just plug the Yocan Trio Vaporizer into a desktop computer or a video game console and you’ll be good to go. The Yocan Trio Vaporizer does not support pass-through charging so you won’t be able to use it while it’s plugged. And, that’s okay since the Yocan Trio Vaporizer recharges fast.

For those who are looking for a battery that can last you a decent amount of time, the Yocan Trio Vaporizer may be a great option especially if you’re a light consumer.

Temperature Variability

The Yocan Trio Vaporizer is outfitted with a variable voltage setting. This only means that it’s got preset temperature profiles. The preset temperature levels are 3.4 volts, 3.8 volts, and 4.2 volts. This is where it feels like using a dab pen instead of a pod vaporizer. That’s because pod vaporizers in general only run in a single power setting. Yocan was keen on introducing and endowing variable voltage to the pod vaporizer platform. This allows consumers to enjoy more of the benefits their select materials hold and personalize these effects to their needs and to their liking. Since they were already producing top-notch devices for years now, they were fully equipped with the right tools and the right know-how to make this happen. They know what effects in particular wax and oils have on various temperature settings and perfectly calibrated the temperature profiles of the Yocan Trio Vaporizer to match these results.

That said, the lower temperature levels yield flavorful clouds of vapor although they may appear to be thin. On the other hand, using the medium profile gives consumers a balanced vapor production – just the right amount of flavor and vapor. Lastly, cranking up the settings lets consumers enjoy potent rips with dense and full-bodied vapors. Whatever your preference is, wax, oils, or e-juice, flavorful or potent vapors, the Yocan Trio Vaporizer has got you covered. It’s an affordable and a practical device that can accommodate a wide variety of materials and can help you enjoy the benefits of each. The Yocan Trio Vaporizer is only proof that Yocan is a company teeming with innovation and ingenuity.

That said, we can easily recommend the Yocan Trio Vaporizer to beginners and advanced consumers who have a penchant for multi-purpose vaporizers. The ability to use wax, pols, and e-liquid in just one vaporizer is golden. Although the Yocan Trio Vaporizer does not have the capability of precisely heating your extracts and cannot vaporize herbs, it still is a value-laden device that’s worth investing in.

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What's In The Box

1 x Yocan Trio Battery
1 x Oil Pod
1 x Concentrate Pod
1 x E-Liquid Pod
1 x USB Charing Cable
1 x User Manual


Wax, Oil, E-liquid
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
190 g
3.20 x 0.99 x 0.56 inches
90-Day Manufacturer’s Warranty