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Today’s industry offers a lot of dab pens and finding the right one may prove to even be difficult. If you need help with choosing the right dab pen for you, VapoCorner can fill you in with the latest dab pen reviews as well as the most updated dab pen prices to help you decide before you splash the cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dab pen is a vaporizer for wax concentrates that looks like a humble office pen. They are often the vaporizer of choice by on-the-go consumers because of their size and stealth with thin vapor production and decent flavor and potency.
Yes, dab pens can get you high. That’s because dab pens use wax concentrates that are known for their potency and their ability to hold and contain large amounts of psychoactive ingredients. Just a small amount of these concentrates is enough to get you high.
It mainly depends on the type of wax being used. Nevertheless, when compared to smoking herbs, dab pens significantly have a weaker smell.

More Information About Dab Pen

Dab pens are vape pens designed and engineered for the consumption of wax concentrates and various extracts. The term dab pen was derived from the act of consuming wax concentrates colloquially known as dabs and since these devices closely represent the humble writing, pen many consumers started dubbing this variety of vaporizers as a dab pen. Because of their small size, dab pens are easy to conceal and carry and is one of the go-to products for wax concentrate consumers all around the world. They are also easily accessible and affordable since the amount of raw material and the time it takes to assemble a single pen requires fewer resources than that of a full-fledged dab rig. This means that a dap pen will often be cheaper and ca be purchased through a wide variety of channels. Because of their small size, they also come with less complicated technology which won’t always be a bad thing since in most cases, the simpler and more straightforward a dab pen is, the better it functions when it’s used on-the-go. That being said, you can expect a dab pen to require little or no learning curve at all allowing both beginners and advanced consumers to easily wield and operate a dab pen like a pro.

Using a dab pen is a great way of enjoying wax concentrates as well as other forms of extracts with very little fuss or hassle. That said, there are many types of dab pens used for various types of extracts including dab pens used for thick oils so don’t be confused when you see people using cartridge vapes and referring to them as dab pens. If you are interested in buying a dab pen as a backup device or as a daily driver, here are a few things dab pens are most known for.

Dab Pens are Simple Devices

As we’ve covered above, having a simple device isn’t exactly a bad thing. A dab pen will often sport a single power button for use in turning the device on and off. The same power button can also be used to control temperature settings (if any) as well as activate and deactivate various modes (pre-heat settings, etc.). This allows for one-handed operation especially because dab pens are an on-the go solution to consuming wax concentrates and you will most likely be using your dab pen when you’re out and about where you will always find yourself with a smartphone on one hand and the dab pen on the other. The idea is that a simple device allows for quick mastery of its functions and how it’s operated. With dab pens, it’ll only take minutes for you to understand and get yourself acquainted with the steps necessary to use the device.

The same way reloading and dab pen is relatively simple. Oftentimes, a dab pen will have threaded or magnetic connections. You can easily access the dab pen’s heating elements simply by just turning and twisting the cap of the dab pen to loosen it or simply by just pulling it away from the base to expose the coils. A few simple steps and you can load your dab pen and continue your vape sessions. If you’re someone who’s always out and about and in need of a vaporizer that can keep up with your needs, a dab pen might just be the right vaporizer for you.


Dab Pens Allow for Fast Vaporization

Another benefit of using a dab pen aside from its ability to produce vapors without requiring too much action is its ability to quickly heat up your extracts. While they are small and are obviously outfitted with smaller heating elements, a dab pen can easily and quickly heat up your wax concentrates.

The average dab pen will often sport a small heating element made up of either quartz or ceramic. This small heating element is paired with a likewise small glob of wax concentrate that quickly and easily reacts to the heat emanated by the heating element. By design, wax vaporizers like dab pens are mean to heat and vaporize your extracts quickly which is why they’re one of the most sought-after tools of consuming cannabis when outside of the house. By heating the materials faster, a consumer can take advantage of the benefit of time. An important factor in stealth, a fast-heating vaporizer requires only a few seconds to heat your wax concentrates and provide you with vapors on the fly. This means that you can pull out your vaporizer, take a drag, and put it back in your pocket in just one minute. This allows you to sneak in a few hits when in the office or maybe when you’re just roaming around town on a Saturday night. Dab pens offer quick vaporization that’s perfect for any occasion.

Dab Pens are Potent

Not just because the very materials used in dab pens are known to carry a huge quantity of cannabinoids, but dab pens are also known to reach high temperature levels that can help extract the psychoactive compounds in your wax concentrates easily. That’s why you get potent rips from dab pens amidst their small size. That said, carrying a dab pen may just as well be similar to carrying a dab rig, that’s if you’re looking at the perspective of a dab pen getting you lifted and elevated.

Dab pens commonly use quartz heating elements although a select few use ceramics. Quartz is a heating element widely used in the vaporizer industry because of its ability to heat wax concentrates fast as we’ve covered above. However, this quick heating method has a certain effect not only to the manner of how you vape but also how quick the herbs extract the potent psychoactive ingredients in them. These psychoactive compounds require higher temperature levels to be released or activated. So, the faster the heating elements reach higher temperature levels, the more potent the vapors will be. A dab pen can easily get you through the day if what you’re using it for is to get stoned at home or on-the-go.

Now that you know some of the advantages of using a dab pen, it’s time to talk about some of the varieties of dab pens to help you decide which is the best dab pen for you in case you’ve committed to owning a dab pen.

1. Wax Pens

Wax pens are vaporizers intended for the use of wax concentrates. They are arguably one of the most common dab pens on the market today. That said, wax pens are often affordable as the supply of these devices are always abundant. They’re also easily accessible and can be found on headshops and of course on online vape stores.

2. Cartridge Pens

Cartridge pens are pen-like vaporizers that are used in conjunction with cartridges. Some cartridge pens come with a refillable cartridge while others will only be a battery where you are to connect a 510-threaded pre-filled cartridge so don’t be surprised to see a product without a cartridge for your oils since some manufacturers do not provide any at all.

Cartridge pens are often used by medical consumers as many of today’s cartridges hold oils with a higher CBD content and a significantly low THC content. Cartridge pens also amount to a large sum of today’s vape pen sales and have paved the way for the public to be more accepting of vaporizers.

3. Box Mods

Box mods are pretty much like cartridge pens but in box form. Because they have a larger space to offer, box mods often have additional features including variable temperature settings that allow them to provide consumers with the space for personalization. Other box mods will also have the means of altering the effect of the wax and oil in the cartridge. Box mods also have 510-threaded connections but they do so by using magnetic rings that can connect to the cartridges via the threaded connections and then attach to the box battery using the magnetic link. A clever way of using the cartridges in a concealed mod.

Pretty much like cartridge pens, box mods may come with a refillable cartridge or it may not, depending on the specifications set by the manufacturer.

4. Nectar Collectors

Also known as honey straws, nectar collectors vaporize wax concentrates through the use of a coil pointing downwards. The heated coil is then pressed against the wax concentrate or any form of extract to heat it and vaporize it. On the other end is a mouthpiece where you suck the vapor from. Nectar collectors have one significant advantage against wax pens and other dab pens in a way that it allows you to dab larger amounts of wax concentrates as you do not have the limitation of having a small chamber making them one of the best dab pens on the market today.

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So, there you have it. Some basic information about dab pens. VapoCorner works with some of today’s best manufacturers and online stores to bring you a library of today’s best dab pens. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to help you make a sound decision in purchasing your next dab pen. Check out a wide variety of products through our recommended stores.