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Desktop Vaporizers

Frequently Asked Questions

They are large vaporizers you put on top of your table, hence the term desktop vaporizer. Desktop vaporizers are advanced and sophisticated devices used to vaporize mostly dry herb strains.
Desktop vaporizers work pretty much like any other vaporize, they heat the materials through the use of a heating element either through convection or conduction heating. However, desktop vaporizers will require you to plug it on a wall outlet as opposed to using a rechargeable battery to power the device.
In terms of vapor production, these tabletop devices deliver substantial vapor having drawn power from a fixed source. They will also be able to stack up on better technology because of the larger spaces their bodies can accommodate.

More Information About Desktop Vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers can be considered as grandfathers to today’s generation of vaporizers. They were some of the earlier iteration of vaporization and since most desktop vaporizers were designed with decade-old technology, their specifications are made for the use of select dry herb strains as consuming wax concentrates has not peaked several years back. Nevertheless, some desktop vaporizers managed to stay relevant and proved to be way ahead of their time.

A desktop vaporizer can offer a slew of various features that is made possible because of the large body desktop vaporizers do offer to house a variety of vaping technologies. Some of the most iconic features you’d find on a desktop unit include a balloon and a whip. These are what mouthpieces are to portable vaporizers. They are connected to the body of the desktop unit and allow you to customize your sessions depending on what attachment you chose.

If you’re interested in investing on a tabletop vaporizer, here are a few real-world advantages they do offer.

Purity from Desktop Vaporizers

When you want to enjoy pure vapors, you go use a desktop vaporizer. Most patients who receive prescriptions to use cannabis as a cure are often advised to use a medical-grade desktop vaporizer. That’s because desktop vaporizers are often made with heavy-duty medical-grade components that are designed and engineered for long and punishing sessions.

What does it have to do with purity you might ask?

Using low-grade raw materials of poor quality will only make the desktop vaporizer weak which means that it cannot withstand long grinding sessions. Parts made from metal will begin to weaken and show signs of wear and tear, likewise, if there are any parts made from plastic, it will begin to soften or melt from the heat radiated by the heating element. In worse cases, you might get vapors that smell of plastic and taste of metal. That said, some of the best desktop vaporizers use only medical-grade components that are designed and engineered to have very little effect or to be totally inert against heat and chemical. So, if you require professional-level and medical-grade vapors, investing in a desktop vaporizer will pay off.


Desktop Vaporizers are known for their Durability

Relating to their ability to yield clean vapors because of the high-quality components used by these devices, tabletop vaporizers consequentially, they also make these devices reliable and durable. To hell and back reliability is what you’d expect from some of the most popular brands on the market today. Instead of cheap pot metal, the best desktop vaporizer brands often use high-grade metal like aircraft-grade aluminum, and medical-grade BPA-free plastic, as well as a slew of other inert components that only won’t chemically react to heat but can also withstand higher temperature levels like borosilicate glass.

Having said that, desktop vaporizers often last consumers a lifetime because they encounter very few problems and they tend to break down on them only on rare occasions. Desktop vaporizers are made with longevity in mind. So, of you need a durable and a hard-wearing vaporizer you can put through tough times, desktop vaporizers are what you’re looking for.

Customizable Sessions from Desktop Vaporizers

Because they can fit larger hardware, the larger devices offer customizability like no other vaporizer can. Let’s start with the attachments we’ve covered earlier. One can personalize their sessions with the use of a whip and a balloon bag. A whip makes vaping with a desktop vaporizer more of a social affair. That being said, a whip is a long tube that can be used personally or with a group of people partaking in a group session. You can place your desktop vaporizer in the middle of a table and you can just pass the whip around like you would when smoking from a hookah. On the other hand, a balloon allows you to enjoy sessions free from the tethers of a whip. The balloon bag can be detached from the desktop vaporizer also providing you with a means of taking the balloon bag almost anywhere you are in the room or in the house. Plus, the balloon bags allow you to let the vapors from the desktop vaporizer cool down for smoother draws.

On another note, desktop devices allow customizability with precision temperature control. While other vaporizers may offer simple heating settings like that of preset temperature levels, a desktop vaporizer will often be equipped with a full-on temperature control for superior vaping sessions.

Advanced Desktop Vaporizer Technology

It’s true that desktop vaporizers were really ahead of their time. Not only were they providing consumers with precision temperature control but they need but also the advanced vaping technology they deserve. Have you ever heard of desktop vaporizers with remote control? Can any other type of vaporizer manage remote control settings that you can operate your device from across the room? Most of these desktop devices are capable of many things their smaller counterparts aren’t. That’s why desktop vaporizers are considered to be the best option one can get when they want high-quality vaporizers that are durable and are reliable.

If you still want to know how you can get the best desktop vaporizer on the market, here are some of the different varieties of desktop vaporizers.

1. Conduction Desktop Vaporizers

Tabletop vaporizers that use conduction to heat your dry herb strains. Conduction heating is the process of transferring heat from one heated surface to another like when the walls of the oven of your desktop vaporizer makes contact with that of the dry herbs you packed in it. By using the process of conduction heating, desktop vaporizers are able to heat and vaporize larger amounts of materials since many conduction vaporizers prefer a tightly packed chamber allowing you to cover better surface area and activating the cannabinoids in your herbs in larger amounts. Conduction desktop vaporizers produce vapors fast but can put the herbs in the danger of charring when exposed to the heated surface longer. That said, we at VapoCorner, recommend you to constantly stir the herbs in the chamber to avoid combustion.

2. Convection Desktop Vaporizers

Convection desktop vaporizers use hot air to heat the materials on the chamber instead of having to press the herbs into a heated surface. This way, the herbs in the chamber are easily permeated allowing for an easy and an even burn that’s why many consumers do prefer using a desktop vaporizer with convection heating compared to one with conduction heating. Consumers tend to get more flavor and from their vaporizers when their botanicals are heated with a convection vaporizer. While you get an even burn with a convection desktop vaporizer, you can also expect a smoother draw since there is less chance of reaching the point of combustion because you can easily control the catalyst of heat which is air.

With these kinds of vaporizers, temperature control is almost expected. That’s why desktop vaporizers are also categorized based on how they are operated and how heating is adjusted. Here are some of the most common varieties of desktop devices depending on how temperature is adjusted.

1. Analog Desktop Vaporizers

An analog desktop vaporizer uses a dial or some sort of an analog control to change and adjust the temperature of the unit. Analog desktop vaporizers are favored by beginners and even advanced consumers for its ability to easily change the temperature settings with its straightforward controls. With just a simple twist of the dial, one can increase and decrease the temperature in the desktop vaporizer. In many analog desktop vaporizers, the on and off switch is embedded into the dial which makes use and operation as cohesive and as seamless as possible.

2. Digital Desktop Vaporizers

These types of devices are made with digital controls with corresponding keys allowing consumers key the temperature they like on the control panel with a digital representation of the selected temperature appearing on the digital screen. With that said, digital vaporizers offer a more precise and accurate heat settings compared to analog desktop vaporizers since these kinds of devices are outfitted some of the most advanced heating elements.

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Those are the fundamentals of desktop vaporizers. Browse through our wide collection of original and authentic desktop vaporizers from our partners and enjoy exclusive discounts by using VapoCorner’s special coupon codes. Get your desktop vaporizers online only from our trusted partner stores so you can get the most out of your money.