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A dry herb vaporizer is a device used to extract the active ingredients from a botanical plant matter. These active ingredients are extracted in the form of vapors that can be inhaled by the consumer to experience the benefits and the advantages offered by the plant matter. Furthermore, dry herb vaporizers produce a cleaner product compared to that of combustion.
Yes, because vaporizers do produce vapor instead of smoke, the overall product that you take in your system is far cleaner and does not contain toxic substances that will harm your body in the long run. On the topic of batteries, dry herb vaporizers are generally safe as long as you follow the recommended recharging habits indicated by the manufacturer in the user manual.
In dry herb vaporizers, the healthiest ones are desktop devices. Desktop dry herb vaporizers use better components made from better raw materials. High-quality components do not react negatively to heat and does wholly affect the condition of your materials. So, a desktop dry herb vaporizer can provide you with better vapor production as well as protect you and your materials during your sessions.

More Information About Dry Herb Vaporizer

Vaping wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for dry herbs. Plant matter were first smoked with the use of wooden pipes. Several centuries later, we’ve discovered the harmful effects of smoking; both to our bodies and on to the herb itself. See, subjecting the plant matter to combustion does not only bring toxic compounds to the equation but also destroys a portion of the active ingredients your botanicals have to offer decreasing its overall efficacy and efficiency. On the other hand, when you use a vaporizer, you heat the herbs at a moderate temperature – just enough to activate the cannabinoids in the herbs so you can reap its medicinal and recreational benefits. Since then, the use of dry herb vaporizers became popular amongst many consumers because of the slew of benefits it has to offer.

A dry herb vaporizer is a device used to vaporize or heat select dry herb strains without reaching the point of combustion. That said, a dry herb vaporizer will come in all forms, shapes, and sizes, designed and engineered to cater to a wide variety of consumers who use dry herbs either for recreational or for medicinal purposes. The best dry herb vaporizers are made and manufactured by companies who dedicate their time and effort in providing medical-grade solutions to botanical vaporization. That said, those that use high-grade components often produce the best and the cleanest vapors.

While dry herb vaporizers are known for being the healthier alternative, they also offer many other advantages. Here are a few.

Convenience of Using Dry Herb Vaporizers

One of the main advantages of using a dry herb vaporizer over conventional means of weed consumption is convenience. This is true especially in portable vaporizers. Portable dry herb vaporizers are usually battery-operated and will come with an integrated heating element. This means you can forget about carrying a lighter or any means of igniting the dried herbs. Portable dry herb vaporizers, or any type of dry herb vaporizer for that matter, are considered as an all-inclusive device leaving you with the actual herbs as the only thing you need.

Another benefit of using a dry herb vaporizer concerning convenience is that it makes less of a smell compared to smoking. You won’t be walking in the room with the obvious smell of someone who just smoked a spliff. Moreover, using a dry herb vaporizer leaves no wastage like ash. The leftover materials after vaping is often referred to as “already vaped bud” or ABV. ABV has many other uses and can be used for other applications.


Dry Herb Vaporizers Offer Superior Control

When using a dry herb vaporizer, another advantage often overlooked and taken for granted is control. Dry herb vaporizers allow you to control various factors including one of the most important elements – temperature.

Some of the best dry herb vapes out there will be equipped and outfitted with variable temperature settings allowing you to alter the running temperature level to alter the effect of the heated herb. One of the best things that vaporizers made happen is the discovery of how heated botanicals react to heat. Expose your weed to low temperature profiles and you get flavorful vapor since lower temperature settings activate the terpenes and the flavonoids in the botanicals. Expose the herbs to higher temperature profiles and you get harsh and potent hits since higher temperature levels can trigger the psychoactive compounds the herb has to offer. That being said, depending on the results you are trying to achieve, a dry herb vaporizer can help you get there with accuracy and precision through temperature control. If you’re the kind that begins your session with and end in mind, then dry herb vaporizers are ideal for you.

Practical Consumption from Dry Herb Vaporizers

Another benefit of using dry herb vaporizers is its practicality. While this benefit may feel more like a joke when confronted with a hefty price tag upfront. While the initial cost of vaping and using a dry herb vaporizer is considerably high compared to that of just smoking your weed, the long terms costs can surprise you. As an example, vaporization will allow you to reap all the benefits your weed has to offer. Smoking the herb destroys almost half of the active compounds it carries causing you to consume more material in the long run. The money you spend buying herbs unnecessarily compared to the upfront costs of buying a vaporizer can be staggering. That’s why if you plan to continue to consume herbs for the better, you’d be better off using a vaporizer than rolling papers.

While dry herb vaporizers are practical and are a healthier option, there’s more to dry herb vaporizers than meets the eye. Now, to help you decide which type of vaporizer to buy, here are some of the most common varieties of dry herb vapes.

1. Desktop vaporizers

One of the earliest iterations of dry herb vaporizers, desktop vaporizers look like anything that came out of the 80s – big and bulky. Desktop devices are literally what they are and had to be put atop a desk for it to be used. Nevertheless, desktop vaporizers were and still to this very day, considered as the golden standard in vaporization. That’s because amidst their large and bulky exterior hides some of the most advanced and sophisticated vaping technology. Compared to smaller herb vapes, desktop herb vaporizers offer the proper cabin space to house all the components to make a superior device.

2. Portable vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are the smaller, pint-sized version of desktop devices. They were made to offer pretty much what desktop vaporizers only at a smaller scale. Portability is one of its strongest suits why else would it be called portable vaporizer in the first place. Many portable dry herb vaporizers will have a means of heating the herbs in various temperature settings as well as different heating technologies which we’ll get to in a few. Whilst desktop devices are amongst those considered as the golden standard in vaporization, many portable vaporizers are in league or almost comparable to the performance of their desktop counterparts. That said, many consumers use portable vaporizers are a means of consuming herbs while they are out and about while they still keep desktop vaporizers for use when they are at home.

Medical and Recreational

As we’ve covered above, due to the discovery and innovation brought by vaporizers, many consumers have been made aware of the many benefits of using them in conjunction with their select dry herb strains. That said, there have been two main consumption paths to where the majority of today’s consumers fall into. Let’s talk about recreational use first.

Many of us will associate the consumption of cannabis with recreational use. It’s only natural since our country has long battled the plant matter and labeled it as a hazardous and lethal chemical in league with meth. That said, we see the use of cannabis as a recreational drug. The use of vaporizers has elevated recreational use since it allowed consumers to reach extreme temperature levels without burning the herbs which meant they get a good, clean high every time they vape with a vaporizer.

On the other hand, because of how clean the vapors are compared to smoking, many health professionals have looked into its application in the medical field. This coupled with the medical benefits of cannabis gave way to the change in social stigma when it comes to cannabis and its consumption.

We can say that vaporizers have done a huge role in how we see consumption of select dry herb strains now and why the vaporizer industry is now is worth a billion dollars.

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