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E-liquid Vape

Frequently Asked Questions

The TL;DR versions is yes. You can put vape juice or e-juice in a vaporizer, especially in an e-liquid vape. These types of vaporizers are designed and engineered to accommodate these types of materials so they are well equipped to vaporize your vape juices allowing you to get fuller flavors and bigger clouds.
The term e-juice and e-liquid are used interchangeably because they mean the same thing. While there’s no official definition of a vape juice, it basically means that it’s a runny substance often infused with nicotine and is a substitute used by smokers for smoking conventional cigarette.
While deciding which vape pen for e-liquid will always be subjective, there are some factors one can consider when choosing the best vaporizer for e-liquid. One, an e-liquid vaporizer should have some sort of temperature control. Be it in the form of precision temperature control or just a set of preset temperature profiles, it will allow you to customize your sessions. Next, an e-liquid vape should have a leak-proof tank or atomizer to prevent the runny e-liquid from dripping into the battery. Lastly, it should have a good coil that can harness the flavor of your select e-liquids.

More Information About E-liquid Vape

E-liquid vaporizers are devices capable of extracting vapors from your select e-liquid materials. They are made with specialized heating elements that can vaporize runny and thin e-liquids. These types of vaporizers range from anything including modern eRigs to small and compact pod vapes. If you’re looking to get yourself an e-liquid vaporizer, this article is for you.

The idea of vaping has always been to find a healthier alternative to traditional means of consuming various kinds of materials. In the case of e-liquid vaporizers, the consumption of tobacco and nicotine. In fact, the modern vaporizer has been designed and engineered to serve as a healthier option to cigarette smoking. The man attributed to the creation of the modern vaporizer has designed and engineered e-liquid vaporizers as a means of finding an alternative to cigarette smoking. Today, e-liquid vaporizers are considered a success and helped a lot of people either quit smoking or find a healthier replacement to reap the benefits that their select materials have to offer without inhaling the after effects of smoking. If you’re a smoker that wants to switch to vaping before it’s too late here are a few things you might be interested in before you splash the cash. E-liquid vapes are known for more than their ability to vaporize e-liquid materials. Here are some things that make these variety of vaporizers popular amongst many consumers.

E-Liquid Vapes Come in All Shapes and Sizes

As we’ve briefly covered above, e-liquid vaporizers come in many forms. Its main advantage is that you can easily find a vaporizer that suits your needs and your preference. Say you’re someone who does not leave the house very often. You may be interested in using an eRig that can deliver more substantial results since you won’t need a device that’s portable or one that fits in your pocket. On the other hand, if you’re one who is always out and about, you might find better use of a vaporizer that you can take almost anywhere you go. Nevertheless, the choices in e-liquid vaporizers are endless and you can just as easily personalize your sessions with almost any kind of e-liquid vaporizer.

E-Liquid Vapes Cannot Vaporize Dry Herb

E-liquid vaporizers are exclusively designed for consuming thin and runny substances called e-liquids. On that note, the heating element used in e-liquids are designed and engineered for these types of materials. Common to e-liquid vaporizers are wicked atomizers that usually come in the form of cotton or ceramic as a means to vaporize your materials while absorbing the runny substance. Dried plant matter wouldn’t fare well in these types of heating elements so you really can’t put botanicals in it. Tobacco is a source of nicotine but you can’t put dried tobacco leaves inside the heating element of an e-liquid vaporizer.

E-liquid vapes accommodate various types of nicotine-based materials including traditional VG/PG blends. These e-liquids are the types that are made with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. These two agents give e-liquids their unique attributes as well as the inclusion of nicotine. VG and PG affect the e-liquid’s viscosity as well as its flavor. That said, the heating elements of e-liquid vaporizers are designed only for liquid materials of various viscosity and density.

E-Liquid Vapes Are Safe to Use

Because of its ability to vaporize various types of e-liquids, one might think that e-liquid vapes are unsafe to use. In fact, they were made to provide consumers a healthier alternative and combat the effects of combustion. In fact, vaping on e-liquids using e-liquid vapes are safer than traditional means like cigarette smoking. Combusting plant matter can have some serious effects and create toxic byproducts that can harm your system. In the case of cigarette smoke, the smoke produced by the combusted plant matter in most commercial cigarettes contain hundreds, if not thousands, of harmful chemicals – many of which are carcinogens. Inhaling them and letting them in your system is proven to be harmful. Vaping, on the other hand, heats the e-liquids without having to reach the point of combustion. The e-liquids or e-juices are heated only at the point where they are vaporized. You’re not getting the harmful effects of smoking which makes them a better option for anyone looking for a healthier alternative.

As we’ve mentioned before, e-liquid vapes are even used by smokers to help them quit smoking. That’s because e-liquid vapes also have the ability to vaporize e-liquids that have zero amounts of nicotine. That said, those who are planning to quit wean their nicotine consumption and slowly but surely decrease the level of nicotine until they’re already used to it. By slowly decreasing their nicotine consumption, they can ease up the effects of nicotine withdrawal and increasing their chances of quitting with fewer instances of relapse. By training their consumption level, smokers can use e-liquid vapes for a healthier purpose.

E-liquid vapes have various advantages and is why they have become so popular with many consumers. These are just some of the most common advantages that e-liquid vaporizers have been known for. You can always use these devices to your benefit. Now it’s time to learn about the different types of e-liquid vaporizers the market has to offer.

1. Pod E-Liquid Vaporizers

Pod vapes or por vaporizers are devices designed to vaporize nicotine salts. Nicotine salts are a form of e-liquid that offer a more potent concentration of nicotine in it. Pod vaporizers are small and compact devices that can fit in your pocket and in the palm of your hands. Because of their size, pod vaporizers only tend to carry batteries with small amounts of power and in order to compensate for it, pod vaporizers take advantage of the potent nicotine concentration on nicotine salts. To accommodate the e-liquid, pod vaporizers use pods that act as leak-proof receptacles that can hold the e-liquid for vaporization. They usually connect to the battery via magnetic connection that are secure and convenient.

2. Pen E-Liquid Vaporizers

One of the most common and popular types of e-liquid vaporizers, e-liquid pens resemble the humble office pen and sports a low profile as well as a compact body and a light weight. Pen type e-liquid vapes are of an older technology and came before pod vaporizers. Because of their size, they are able to hold a larger battery and therefore offer an experience that lasts longer compared to pod vaporizers. These types of e-liquid vapes use both traditional VG/PG blends as well as nicotine salts. Unlike pod vaporizers that use pods, they are more accustomed to cartridges that can be refilled with e-liquid. There are even those that use RDAs and RDTAs. These are coils and atomizers that can be connected to the pen-style battery through threaded connections.

3. Box Mod E-Liquid Vaporizers

Box mod vapes are vaporizers that come in boxy shapes. Their size allows them to carry even larger batteries and outfit them with better features like temperature control and memory function to name a few. That said, you can enjoy personalization and customization of your sessions when you use e-liquid vapes like box mod vaporizers. These types of vaporizers also accept 510-threaded atomizers that can be used to vaporizer various types of e-liquids. Because of their size and the number of batteries they’re allowed to carry, box mod vaporizers are oftentimes larger and heavier the pod vaporizers or pen vaporizers.

4. eRigs

Although there aren’t a lot of eRigs that can vaporize e-liquids those that do are pretty good at it. They can vaporize it completely without having to reach the point of combustion. eRigs are devices that are usually designed for wax concentrates and thick oils but can do just as good with other materials.


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