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Oil vaporizers have been one of the go-to products especially for consumers who use thick oils to medicate. Here at VapoCorner, we provide the best vape reviews coupled with up-to-date vape prices so you can maximize your shopping experience. Find your next oil vaporizer and be guided by our unbiased reviews with real-world applications so you know exactly what you’re getting and how it benefits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, vaping oils are practically safe most especially if you buy oils and oil vaporizers from a trusted brand. That said, extensive research has been performed on oils nowadays and many of these oils are produced on licensed and accredited laboratories. They undergo testing from both the manufacturer and third-party testing entities.
There are two types of oils mainly used on oil vaporizers today. These are essential oils; oils infused with the flavor of herbs such as rosemary, peppermint, chamomile, lavender, and others, as well as cannabis oils; oils infused with the flavor and potency of cannabis rich in active ingredients like CBD and THC.
Oil vaporizers are devices designed and engineered for use with oil products. They usually contain the oil using cartridges and, in some cases, pods which differentiates oil vaporizers amongst herb vaporizers and wax vaporizers. They are also convenient and simple to use and will oftentimes sport a battery that has one power button or a battery that is draw-activated.

More Information About Oil Vaporizers

Oil vaporizers are a variety of vaporizers, specially vape pens, used for the consumption of thick oils and extracts. They are often the go-to vaporizers of medicating patients because medical cannabis consumers because they are designed and engineered to be safe, discreet, and calibrated to one’s needs. An oil vaporizer uses cartridges to hold the materials and are oftentimes built with 510-threaded connections as many of today’s cartridges for oils are made with a 510-thread. Today, oil vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes. From oil pens to box mods, from preset temperature settings to precise temperature selection, oil pens have something to provide any type of consumer. So, what makes an oil vaporizer an oil vaporizer? For beginners and those who are new to vaping, oil vaporizers are characterized not only by the 510-threaded connections or its size and shape but the type of materials used in it. Generally, an oil vaporizer must be able to vaporize and heat up your thick oils using a heating element and contain it in a cartridge or in a pod. So, regardless of its appearance and feature, as long as it’s capable of heating your oils and turn it into vapor, it can be categorized as an oil vaporizer.

Now if you’re wondering what makes an oil vaporizer a good oil vaporizer? Here are some of the things oil vaporizers are known for and their best attributes which makes them the ideal device to carry on a daily basis. If you’re interested to pick up an oil vape, here are a few things oil vaporizers are most notably known for.

Oil Vaporizers are Simple and Easy to Use

Unlike other types of vaporizers, oil vapes are often a plug and play device. Other devices require you to either pre-grind your herbs and load then into the herb chamber before you vape or you are required to load the wax concentrates into the atomizer before you vape. In this case, you are to wait for the herbs to be vaporized before you start to draw. In the case of oil vaporizers, all these happen instantaneously. Since the cartridges are loaded with your select oils, they are already saturated and there’s no need to season the cartridge or load your oils into a chamber with each draw since the cartridge acts as a tank that can hold a substantial amount of oil before it runs out. It’s already loaded so all you need to do is pull from the mouthpiece. Speaking of which, most oil vaporizers are outfitted with a draw activated battery although it’s also common for oil vapes to sport a single power button for use and operation.

This makes oil vaporizers an appealing tool for the consumption of cannabis extracts especially for patients that require fast and immediate results from their medication. If you’re the type of consumer who needs to easily access your device and not make a fuss when medicating, an oil vaporizer is the right vaporizer for you.


Stealth Vaping Made Easy with Oil Vaporizers

Oil vaporizers are often only outfitted with a decent battery capacity. That’s the process of turning oil into vapor does not require too much power and does not demand a lot of battery capacity which means that in some cases, a single charge is enough to finish a pre-filled cartridge. That’s why disposable vape pens became popular. A single charge from a pen can finish off a pre-filled oil cartridge. However, because of their decent battery capacity, you can’t expect an oil vaporizer to yield as fat of a cloud as you would using a dab rig or even when you’re using a bong. This works both as an advantage and as a disadvantage. A disadvantage if you’re used to inhaling big clouds but an advantage if you like vaping on-the-go.

Because vapor production is not that dense and vapors from an oil vape in general is not that visible, you can easily sneak in a few puffs without attracting too much attention or without having to cause a scene. This is perfect for individuals who like to vape in public. This way you can still reap the benefits of your materials but not bother the people around you. Since stealth is on the side of oil vaporizer users, it’s often the vaporizer of choice of medicating patients as oil vaporizers allow them to consume their medication wherever they may be. If you’re a patient dealing with constant pain from arthritis or rheumatism, having a vaporizer that allows you to consume your extracts without disturbing or irritating the people around you are important. Because you can discreetly take draws from your oil vaporizer, the people around you will tend to be more forgiving and not judge you for pulling from an oil pen.

Oil Vaporizers are Affordable

Because of their size and the smaller amount of technology required to make most oil vaporizers work, they are generally affordable and easily accessible to the general public. Unlike eRigs, eNails, and desktop vaporizers that usually require you to save up for it, oil vaporizers are something you can easily buy from your weekly budget and even get it from your local headshop. Although there are still oil vapes that might cost more than the average oil vaporizers, the majority of the vaporizer products today used for oils are generally affordable.

If you’re someone looking to buy an oil vape, you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed with the prices and the selection of oil vaporizers on the market today. Now that you’re aware of some of the benefits of using an oil pen, let’s look at some of the oil pen types today’s industry has to offer.

1. Oil Pens

Pretty much like dab pens or any vaporizer pen, oil pens come in the shape of a humble office pen. Its size and dimension allow it to be easily connected to a 510-threaded cartridge. Oil pens are also simple to use and is usually equipped with a draw activated battery. This means that you can easily pull your oil pen from your pocket and slide it in after you’re done vaping. Oil pens are perfect for beginners who are looking for a stealthy and a convenient companion for consuming oils.

2. Box Mod Vaporizers

Pretty much like oil pens, they do accept 510-threaded cartridges. If you’re wondering how you can fit a 510-threaded cartridge in a box than you’re in for a treat. The secret lies in the magnetic ring that can be attached to the 510-threaded attachment the magnetic ring is also 510-threaded and is screwed to the cartridge. This then connects to the battery which causes a seamless operation. Box mods are ideal for advanced consumers because of the added power they have to offer.

3. Pod Vaporizers

Another type of vaporizer that can accommodate thick oils are pod vaporizers. Pod vapes can be filled or are pre-filled with select oil and extract blends. Like other oil vapes, they are often equipped and outfitted with draw-activated batteries and the pods easily connect to the battery either by magnet or by interlocking plastic components.

No wonder why oil pens are the vaporizer of choice by most beginners and medical consumers. They provide simple and straightforward means of consuming extracts. These are just some of the most common types of oil vaporizers, we’re excited to see more of what’s to come of this platform.

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Here you have the basic information about oil vaporizers, their benefits, and the advantage of using these products either for medication or for recreation. Here at VapoCorner, we offer comprehensive oil vaporizer reviews and we bring you the latest oil vaporizer prices so you can make a sound decision when buying your next oil vaporizer. And, when the time comes for you to make that purchase, make sure you buy your oil vaporizers from our recommended stores.