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Pod Vape | Best Vape Coupons and Vape Deals | VapoCorner

Pod Vape

Pod Vapes are designed and engineered to be simple and straightforward devices for consuming e-liquids. However, many of today’s pod vapes can accommodate a wide range of materials. Here, at VaporCorner, we can help you find the right pod vaporizer for you with our up to date pod vape reviews as well as updated pod vape pricing so you can make the best decision when buying your pod vaporizer.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the criteria for the best pod vape will vary per person, the best pod vapes are usually ones that can accommodate a large amount of material, is leak-proof, and one that has a larger battery capacity. It also helps if the pod vape battery offers various protective features like protection from low voltage, short circuit, low resistance, and overheating.
If you look at it from an on-the-go consumer’s perspective, pod vapes are better compared to other vaporizers. That’s because they are made specifically to answer the needs of consumers who are always on their feet. Pod vapes are typically small, lightweight, and easy to use – things that are important when you are consuming your select materials when you’re out and about.
Pod vapes are different from traditional vaporizers mainly in how they accommodate your select materials. Conventional vaporizers usually have an open atomizer with an exposed wick and coil where you put your materials while pod vapes will have closed pods (pre-filled or refillable). For obvious reasons, using pod vapes is more convenient than using traditional vaporizers although traditional vapes will usually have more powerful batteries than pod vapes.

More Information About Pod Vape

Often called by many names like pod vapes, pod systems, pod vaporizers, pod mods, and vape pods, these types of devices are small, compact, lightweight, and user-friendly. They are considered to be the next generation of vaporizers for many reasons. They represent more advanced devices in terms of design, engineering, and technology. On that note, pod vaporizers are fairly new and many manufacturers are continuously experimenting on how to improve the platform. When pod vaporizers first came to, they were only used with e-liquids like nicotine salts and were solely fixated on targeting the market for smokers looking for a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking. However, many manufacturers started to develop pod vaporizers and began to revolutionize the platform that was once exclusive to cigarette smokers. Today, pod vapes can also be used in conjunction with other types of materials like wax concentrates and thick essential oils. That said, not only smokers are hooked to using pod vaporizers. Even cannabis consumers, both recreational and medical, can now take full advantage of the benefits that some of the best pod vaporizers have to offer.

Pod vaporizers are a great way to consume nicotine without the risks of inhaling the by-products of combustion. It has also slowly become a mainstream means of consuming other materials like wax concentrates and thick oils making it an ideal tool for many consumers looking for a small device they can take almost anywhere they go. If you want to know more about how pod vapes or pod vaporizers can help improve your sessions and your consumption methods and what to look out for so you can get the best pod vapes, here are a few things pod systems are most known for.

Pod Vapes are Affordable

This is one of the main reasons why many consumers are tempted and attracted to trying out pod vapes. Pod vaporizers are typically made up of a two-part system – the battery and the pod. That said, because pod vapes require only two parts to work, the costs of manufacturing these types of devices are usually cheaper than larger devices. Because they are cheaper to manufacture, it’s only fitting that the sale costs of pod vapes reflect the lower costs of production. Unlike desktop devices and even some portable vaporizers, pod vapes aren’t the ones you’d have to save up for. Even pod vapes that are considered by many as premium devices won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Not only are they affordable devices but are also practical ones. While pod vaporizers were originally meant to have pre-filled cartridges, as many other manufacturers have such options to date, some do have pre-filled pods that can be re-used. See, pre-filled pods are ones that come with its own e-liquid, sealed, and secured by the brewing company or the manufacturer that sells them. Once the e-liquid in these pods are consumed, you will have to throw the pod away and buy a new one. Refillable pods, on the other hand, can be refilled and reused this means that you don’t always have to throw out your pod whenever you’ve used up the e-liquid inside it.

If you don’t like spending too much on vaporizers, then pod vapes might just be the right vaporizer for you.


Pod Vapes are Versatile

As we’ve briefly covered above, pod vaporizers were originally intended for use with e-liquid vape like VG/PG blends as well as the more potent nicotine salt varieties. Today pod vaporizers are made to accommodate a wide variety of materials including wax concentrates of different consistencies as well as thick oils. This means that you can enjoy a wide variety of materials and still get the benefits of using a small and compact vaporizer for when you need to take quick hits on the fly.

Another thing about modern-day pod vaporizers is that they are now usually outfitted with some sort of temperature control. Often in the form of pre-set temperature settings, pod vaporizers will allow you to enjoy some kind of temperature flexibility so you can personalize your sessions depending on what you need when you need it. This level of versatility paired with the convenience and affordability of using a pod-based system made pod vaporizers even more popular and a mainstream means of consuming various forms of extracts.

Pod Vapes is User Friendly

With a two-piece system, you simply can’t mess up pod vaporizers. Unlike other devices that have various types of attachments and accessories, pod vaporizers will only require you to connect the battery and the pod. Furthermore, the pod and the battery are bridged by strong magnetic connections which means that you’ll have no problems removing and replacing the pod on the battery since it does not require any type of special mechanism. All there is to it is to slide the pod into the battery until you hear the magnets snap into place and vice versa. It’s simple enough that even a five-year-old can do it.

In terms of operation, pod vaporizers also shine over their larger counterparts. Most pod vaporizers have drawn-activated batteries that allow consumers to just simply inhale from the mouthpiece to activate the heating element. Instead of having to learn how to time your fingers when pushing the button and inhaling he vapors via hand and mouth coordination, pod vaporizers simply mimic how cigarettes are consumed. The thing is, the harder and the longer you pull from the mouthpiece, the denser the vapor production is.

Pod vaporizers are a great option especially if you’re the kind of consumer who is always out and about. When you’re active and are always on your feet, having a large and bulky vaporizer might not be the most ideal. That said, one that’s small and compact like these pod devices makes for a fitting device for use when you’re on-the-go.

Now that you know some of the benefits of using a pod vaporizer, here are some of the common pod vaporizer varieties on the market. While they are only limited to just three as of the moment, we know that the possibilities are endless and that there will be more pod vaporizer varieties to come in the future. Nevertheless, here are the common pod systems to date.

1. E-Juice Pod Vapes

As the name implies, e-juice pod vapes use e-juice or e-liquids as materials. E-juice pod vapes are one of the most common and earlier varieties of pod vapes. They can be used with VG/PG e-liquids as well as with nicotine salts. The pods used in these types of pod vaporizers are typically one with a coil that’s designed for flavor retention because many of these VG/PG blends and nicotine salt are flavored.

E-juice pod vaporizers are also typically made with leak-proof pods as the e-liquids they accommodate are often thin and runny. It will have some sort of rubber stopper to help seal the pod and prevent the juice from leaking.

2. Thick Oil Pod Vapes

Thick oil pod vaporizers are pretty much like e-liquid pod vaporizers only they will have larger airpath and coils of a stronger resistance. That’s because the oils are thicker and will not heat up and be vaporized as fast as the thinner e-liquids. They will take more power and will require better heating to vaporize the oils – all without reaching the point of combustion.

Thick oil pods will also have the same kind of leak-proof seal that will prevent the oil from leaking.

3. Wax Pod Vapes

A rather new addition to the pod vaporizer platform, wax pod vaporizers will have a heating element that’s capable of vaporizing wax concentrates of various consistencies. It can be in the form of a small quartz heating element or some sort of coil that can heat up your extracts. They may not have a leak-proof seal because of how one must have simple and easy access to the coils when reloading the pod.

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VapoCorner provides updated pricing and unbiased reviews on today’s best pod vaporizers. Enjoy the best vape coupon & vape deals by using our affiliate links when you buy your pod vapes online through our partner stores. For the latest in pod vaporizers, check us out at VapoCorner.