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Depending on the features and the quality of the potable vaporizer, you may be looking at anywhere between $50.00 to $100.00. Other portable vaporizers that ran on a limited production, made as special-editions, or produced in collaboration with famous artists will most likely be more expensive.
On the contrary, maintaining portable vaporizers are quite easy. Because they have few parts, you’ll only have very little to work with. Maintaining the battery only entails proper charging habits, the heating elements on portable devices as well as mouthpieces can be cleaned quite easily but can also be replaced accordingly. The costs of maintaining a potable vaporizer won’t break the bank since many of the replacement parts of portable vaporizers are often cheap and affordable.
It depends on the vaporizer’s battery life. A portable vaporizer with a bigger battery will last longer than others. On average, portable vaporizers will run for four to six hours of use in a single charge. However, other vaporizers will have a removable battery further extending the runtime of a portable vaporizer since you won’t have to recharge it right then and there.

More Information About Portable Vaporizer

Everybody loves portable vaporizers like dab pendry herb vapes and other types, even those accustomed to using desktop devices can’t deny that they keep portable devices within reach either as a backup device or as a means to consume their select materials wherever they go. Although desktop vaporizers are still considered as the “golden standard of vaping” to this day, there’s simply no way you can take a desktop vaporizer with you when you go out and about. As a matter of fact, portable vaporizers account to a huge bulk of vaporizer sales annually. There are just more consumers drawn to the allure of portable vaporizers than any other platform making it one of the most lucrative and profitable platform hands down.

But what exactly are portable vaporizers? For the uninitiated, a portable vaporizer is a small and compact device that range from bulky box mods to smaller varieties like pod vaporizers. Because of their size, one can carry them around with ease allowing you to bring your sessions with you virtually almost anywhere you go. That being said, portability isn’t its only strong suit, here are some of the things portable vaporizers have to offer amidst their small and compact size.

Portable Vaporizer’s Ease of Use

Being small doesn’t always mean being left behind. Well, not in the case of portable vaporizers. Manufacturers and developers of early devices used its small size to its advantage and gave way to vaporizers that are simple and easy to use. With such a small canvas, there’s really not much you can work with.

That said, one common trait amongst portable vaporizers is having only few buttons which resulted to having or requiring very little to no learning curve at all. Compared to other devices that required more complicated steps and lengthier preparations, using a vaporizer with fewer buttons and relatively modest settings made things easy and straightforward despite the lack of features one would normally find on other larger vaporizers. This, however, allowed beginners to use portable vaporizers with convenience and with ease. What was once a daunting and a technologically challenging means of vaping immediately became elementary. Portable vaporizers proved that size does not matter. Although many still consider portable vaporizers as mere alternatives, many consumers see portable vaping devices as a primary means of consumption to the point that they use portable vaporizers as their daily drivers.



Aside from being simple and straightforward, portable vaporizers are also versatile. There are a lot of portable devices today that are made for use with a wide range of materials. You’ve got portable wax vaporizers, portable herbal vaporizers, portable oil vaporizers, and portable e-juice vaporizers. This means whatever your choice of material is, whether you’re into consuming botanicals or into vaping wax concentrates and other forms of extracts, there will most likely be a portable vaporizer for you. In fact, some of the best portable vaporizers can be used in conjunction with a slew of materials and are thus called multi-purpose portable vaporizers. These devices allow you to use dry herb strains and extracts within one single vaporizer which feels like you’re getting two portable vaporizers for the price of one. This is done either through the use or removable and replaceable ovens and heating elements or by using a chamber designed and engineered to vaporize almost any type of material. This allows you to use not only one type of material but almost any kind you can find on the market.

Apart from its ability to cater to a wide range of materials, portable vaporizers are also capable of temperature versatility. This is true especially for top-tier devices. Some will have variable temperature setting in the form of preset temperature levels while others will have some sort of precision temperature control where you can adjust the level of temperature the portable vaporizer can operate in down to the smallest detail.


Because portable vaporizers are small, they do not require a lot of raw material. The components used in portable vaporizers are also fewer than other devices which only include the basics like a battery, a heating element, and a mouthpiece.

That being said, the overall costs of manufacturing one portable vaporizer are lower compared to that or a desktop vape. Like their size, the cost of portable vaporizers is only a fraction of what their desktop counterparts are. That’s why many consumers can afford portable vaporizers. They’re easy to own and easy to use. What more can you ask for?

Types of Portable Vaporizers

Alright, now that you know what portable vaporizers in general have to offer, let’s talk about specific varieties and what real-world benefit they might have for you. Below are some of today’s known portable vaporizer platforms.

1. Box Mods

Box mods are portable vaporizers that come in the shape of a box. They can be used with a variety of materials but box mods are popular with e-juice and e-liquids. Box mod are often outfitted with refillable and rebuildable tank atomizers that can accommodate a decent amount of e-liquid before it needs to be refilled.

2. Dab Pens

Dab pens are portable vaporizers used specifically for wax concentrates. They come in the shape of a pen hence they are called dab pens. Dab pens are equipped with atomizers that use conduction to heat and vaporize your extracts without reaching the point of combustion.

3. Herb Pens

Herb pens use dry herb strains as opposed to wax concentrates used in dab pens. Most herb pens also use conduction heating technology but other herb pens may sport convection ovens that vaporize your botanicals with the use of hot air. This creates more flavorful clouds of vapor and also reduces the instances of charring.

4. Oil Pens

Oil pens are portable vaporizers that are designed and engineered to vaporize thick oils. While dab pens use atomizers and herb pens use ovens, oil pens, on the other hand, use cartridges. Cartridges are cylindrical containers often made of glass that hold oils and other thick extracts.

5. Pod Vaporizers

Pod vapes are smaller devices and are used for nicotine-based e-liquids. They use pods to hold nicotine salts and nicotine-based e-juice. One unique characteristic of pod vaporizers aside from the pods is that many pod vapes do not have buttons. They can be activated without having to push any buttons. All you need to do is to pull from the mouthpiece and the battery will start heating the e-liquid. Not only does it make vaping convenient but it does mimic how one would draw from a cigarette.

6. eRigs

eRigs are a new breed of portable vaporizers. They can be considered as hybrids since they combine the benefits of using a traditional dab rig and a portable vaporizer. It has a battery and a water filter. Some models do vaporize wax concentrates only while other can vaporizer dry herb strains too.

7. Portable Butane Vaporizers

Not all heroes wear capes, not all portable vaporizers use batteries. These types of portable vaporizers use butane to heat up your materials, oftentimes portable butane vaporizers are designed to vaporize dry herb strains. They are comparably lighter to battery-operated portable vaporizers and can heat up the herbs quite faster too. The only downside is, the weight and portability are negated by the need to carry a spare butane canister in order to reload the vaporizer.

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There you have it, the basics of portable vaporizers. Here at VapoCorner, we carry a wide selection of portable vaporizers sourced from some of the best vaporizer brands and from the most-recommended online vape shops. Buy your portable vaporizers online from VapoCorner’s suggested vapeshops.