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Vape Pen

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the quality and the build of the vape pen you’re looking at, a vape pen may cost anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00. Vape pens can be an affordable option when wanting to consume select wax concentrates and dry herb strains on-the-go. The better the feature and the better the components used in manufacturing the vape pen, the higher the price will be.
Vape pens are safe to use and depending on how you use it, can be completely harmless. Because vape pens produce vapors and not smoke, they produce safer products that can easily and safely be consumed.
Vape pens can accommodate a wide variety of materials including traditional dry herb strains, novel wax concentrates, as well as your average thick oils and other e-liquids. The kind of material it can accommodate will usually be dictated by the heating element used and attached to the battery of the vape pen.

More Information About Vape Pen

Great inventions are often born out of necessity. The same can be said with vape pens. Today’s vape pens are a product of the great minds of people who were not satisfied with what the industry standard had to offer. As you would imagine the first of their kind were desktop vaporizers. They were large and of a heavy build and were just not everybody’s cup of tea. Consumers were looking for a device they can carry around with them and wanted the convenience of having to consume their select materials as they please – pretty much like how one would with a cigarette. That said, out of this necessity a smaller and a more compact vaporizer was born.

Vape pens do come in the shape of a pen, however, because of today’s growing love and acceptance for vaporizers, many manufacturers have turned to making vape pens that look more like vaporizers than a humble office pen. To the advantage of vape pens, this made for better design technology-wise since donning the shape of a pen limited vape pens to offering fewer features. A modern-day vape pen now sport a slew of amenities centered around convenience and comfort allowing you change temperature, airflow, and more to customize your sessions and make them truly your own.

Vape pens have been used by many consumers for various reasons. Here are just some of vape pens’ best-known benefits.

Vape Pens are Affordable

Compared to other vaporizer devices, vape pens are significantly cheap. In fact, some vape pens, often called as burners, are so cheap you get them at gas stations and your local convenience stores. They are however disposable that when the contents of the tank or the cartridge runs out, you basically just have to throw them away.

Nevertheless, there are manufacturers that manufacture cheap but reliable vape pens that allow you to consume your select materials without having to break the bank. That’s why vape pens account to a wide volume of vaporizer sales since their costs made it so that almost anyone can get their hands on a vaporizer. This makes the transition to vaping easier since you can try out a vaporizer on the cheap to help you decide if it’s for you.

Because vape pens are generally affordable, cycling through various devices can be easy allowing you to find the best vape pen for you in the process.


Versatility with Vape Pens

While these vape pens might be small in size and stature, some of them are armed to the teeth. We’re talking about variable temperature settings, airflow control, customizable heating elements, hidden storage compartments, integrated weed grinders, and more. Some of today’s best vape pens are even made from sophisticated raw materials making them a cut above the rest right from the get go. This only means that vape pens now enjoy the same (or maybe an even better) level of customization allowing many consumers to really fine-tune their sessions down to the smallest detail allowing them to consume with accuracy and precision you can find on larger, more expensive devices.

Vape pens also come in different designs and sizes making them more versatile allowing consumers to mix and match vape pens with their daily attire, desk setup, and other things that allow them to blend their devices well with their daily necessities.

Vape Pens can be Dependable

For their size, vape pens are actually dependable devices. You can trust that some of the best vape pens from some of the biggest names on the market will deliver and will provide you with the vapors you need regardless of your purpose of consumption. This makes vape pens the ideal platform for many professionals and patients since a device this small allows them to bring their vape pens almost anywhere they go. Prescribed to medicate on the daily, you can take your vape pen with you and take quick hits during coffee breaks at the office. Maybe you’re an athlete who needs to consume your materials to help you combat muscle pain? Just pop out your vaporizer after your training session and you can reap the benefits your materials have to offer without having to wait till you get home.

They are dependable and produce a good amount of vapor, especially ones that are made by some of the top-brands in the industry. They are reliable that many consumers do actually use them as daily drivers and as their main devices instead of having them as just mere backups.

While vape pens boast many other great features, they still have many other things to offer. To help you decide what vape pen to buy, here are some of the most common varieties of vape pens.

1. Dab Pens

Dab pens are vape pens designed and engineered for use with dabs (wax concentrates). They are perfect because wax consumption only requires a small amount of material to get you lifted. That being said, the small size of dab pens is sufficient to provide you significant results. A small battery, a small heating element, and a compact body is more than enough to make a good conduit for the potent effects of wax concentrates. If you like consuming wax and are in need of an on-the-go solution to your dabbing needs, a dab pen will allow you to tap into what your materials have to offer.

2. Dry Herb Pens

Dry herb pens are the botanical counterpart of dab pens. They do offer the same advantage of using a dab pen only in botanical form. Some dry herb pens are made with a larger battery and may appear bulkier than dab pens. That’s because dry herb pens use ovens to vaporize the herbs that require more power. These ovens tend to suck up more power from the battery thus requiring a larger battery capacity for better longevity. Furthermore, the ovens and the chambers used in dry herb pens are larger than the chambers used on dab pens. Nevertheless, many consumers use dry herb pens because of how much flavor they get from them. Herbs are known for retaining the resinous substance that are packed with flavor making them perfect even for connoisseurs that have sensitive palates.

3. Oil Pens

Another variety of vape pens are oil pens. Oil pens use cartridges to hold the oil and vaporize it. They will bear some kind of semblance with dab pens and dry herb pens but can easily be differentiated because of the cartridges sitting atop of the battery. That said, they are also called cartridge pens. They will sport a smaller battery since it takes less power to vaporize thin and runny substances like oils and other e-liquids. Oil pens are often used by medicating patients who suffer from various medical conditions as one of today’s most popular cannabis-based medication come in oil form. CBD oils are often loaded in cartridges and can be vaped through oil pens.

4. E-cigs

Yep, you knew they were coming. E-cigs are pen-like vaporizers that use nicotine-based e-liquid and are often similar to oil pens because of the consistency of the nicotine salts or the nicotine-based e-liquid consumed using this vape pen.

5. Nectar Collectors

Another form of vape pens are nectar collectors. Used for consuming wax concentrates, some nectar collectors are much like dab pens with integrated batteries that can be used for consuming wax concentrates on-the-go. What separates nectar collectors from dab pens is their ability to draw wax directly from your jar. That’s because the atomizer or the heating element on nectar collectors are actually placed on the outside so they can easily make contact with the wax concentrates on your container. It goes without saying that nectar collectors are for those who are heavy consumers and those who have built a high tolerance against wax concentrates.

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That’s all for vape pen basics and to help you find the best vape pens that suits your needs, check out our collection of vape pens. At VapoCorner, you can get the sweetest deals on vape pens from the most-recommended online vape shops. Take advantage of our exclusive coupons for the best bang for your buck.