Wax Vaporizers

Frequently Asked Questions

Wax vaporizers do make wax concentrate consumption simple and straightforward. While different wax vaporizers may have different configurations, the steps and the process of dabbing, or smoking wax concentrates remain fairly similar. You can either place the dabs before you heat the atomizer or the heating element (also known as cold start) or you can heat the banger or the atomizer first before loading your extracts. Once vapor is produced, simply pull from the mouthpiece and you’re off to the races.
Shatter is a form of concentrate that has a solid, brittle consistency. On the other hand, cartridges are made to accommodate less dense substances like thick oils. That being said, some cartridges are designed and engineered for wax concentrates of the same and similar consistency as shatter. So, as long as the cartridge you use is designed for actual wax concentrates, yes, you can put shatter in a vape cartridge.
Yes, you can place dabs or wax concentrates in a vape. Wax vaporizers are designed and engineered for optimum vaporization of wax concentrates or dabs. This means that wax vaporizers have heating elements, batteries, and other components that are designed not only to accommodate dabs but also to provide superior production of vapors from your dabs. They are designed not only to imitate but even to exceed how dab rigs perform.

More Information About Wax Vaporizers

Here at VapoCorner, we work with some of the biggest names in the industry to provide you with some of the best wax vaporizers on the market. We know where to get them big, heavy-duty wax vaporizers as well as small and compact wax vaporizers for use while on-the-go. If you’re new to vaping and are wondering what wax vaporizers are, here’s a quick explanation.

Wax vaporizers are vaporizers used to consume wax concentrates and other forms of extracts. Because they vaporize wax concentrates, the overall makeup of these types of devices must conform to the material they were designed and engineered to accommodate. With that being said, a wax vaporizer will often sport leak-proof heating elements that can hold extracts as they change from a dense semi-solid substance to a thin and runny material until it becomes vapor. Because of how potent wax concentrates are, a small glob and a few drags can go a long way. That’s why wax vaporizers are popular amongst recreational consumers.

However, its ability to produce potent vapors isn’t just what wax vaporizers are known for. Here are other features wax concentrate vaporizers have to offer.

Convenience of Using Wax Vaporizers

Wax vaporizers make vaping all the more convenient. To make our point, let’s compare vaping with a wax concentrate vaporizer to using a dry herb vaporizer. Dry herb vaporizers will require you to grind up the weed first before consumption. While this part is often seen as a necessity, it still requires time and effort that you won’t have to deal with when using a wax vaporizer. Moreover, loading the herbs into the chamber can turn into a nightmare should you be loading your ground materials outdoors. This means you need to find a place to load up your herbal vaporizer so the wind won’t blow the ground material away. Since wax vaporizers use materials of a different consistency, this won’t be necessary. All you need to do is to take your dab tool, scoop up your wax concentrates, and drop it in your vaporizer. There’s no need to cover your materials from wind, unless you’re faced with violent gusts of wind, then you don’t need to worry.

Here’s another example, after reloading your ground material when using a dry herb vape, you need to dispose of the heated herbs, colloquially known as AVB or already vaped bud. Many consumers store it for later use while others just throw it right after. In the case of a wax vaporizer, the material just vaporizes leaving little to no leftover. To put it simply, you’ve less mess to deal with when vaping with wax vaporizers compared to dry herb vapes.


Wax Vaporizers Offer Pure Vapors

Another benefit of vaping with wax vaporizers is purity. It goes without saying that high quality wax concentrates are made using strict and stringent extraction process. When done right, using a high-quality extract purchased from a trusted dispensary will yield pure vapors compared to vaping on buds that you got from that shady weed man. Moreover, some of today’s best wax vaporizers are engineered using relatively high-quality materials like ceramic. It’s not uncommon to see wax vaporizers use ceramic heating elements because ceramic is an inert raw material.

Traditional wax vaporizers used fibrous wicks for heating elements. When heated, fibrous wicks tend to burn and befoul the flavor of the wax concentrates. Conventional wax vaporizers were also made with cheap adhesives that when heated can cause the production of toxic byproducts that can irritate the lungs and the throat. Now, wax vaporizers ensure safe and pure vapor production not only through the use of impeccable heating elements but also in superior build quality.

So, if you want pure vapors, a wax vaporizer is an easy choice.

Wax Vaporizers are Flexible and Versatile

Wax vaporizers aren’t always known for its potent yields. Many wax vaporizers are outfitted with variable temperature settings that allow them to change the running temperature level therefore adjusting the way your wax concentrates react to the heat emitted by the atomizer. Lower temperature profiles allow the extraction of flavorful clouds of vapor as well as the curative active ingredients of your wax concentrates. On the other hand, cranking the temperature up to higher profiles will cause the more potent active ingredients to be extracted consequentially providing you with that melt your face effect.

That said, wax vaporizers offer flexibility on the fly allowing you to adjust your sessions accordingly. Needless to say, wax vaporizers allow for faster modification of your targeted results.

Types of Wax Vaporizer

Now that you know the benefits of using a wax vaporizer, we’ll talk about the different kinds of wax vaporizers. Let’s get acquainted.

1. eNails and eRigs

eNails and eRigs are wax vaporizers with electric heating elements. Traditionally, dabbing wax concentrates require a consumer to torch a banger with a blowtorch. For obvious reasons, conventional means of dabbing are considered as fire hazards because the blowtorch can easily fall off your carpet setting your room ablaze. eNails and eRigs, on the other hand, only requires to be plugged on an outlet or have the battery charged. Just flip the switch on the control box or at the base of the eRig and you’re good to go.

An eRig is considered to be the best wax vaporizer because of the benefits it brings to the table.

2. Dab Pens

Dab pens are small and compact devices that bear significant resemblance with a humble pen. Contrary to what most people way, they often look nothing like an office pen. Most especially because vaping is now socially accepted, dab pens have become more dynamic and have leaned away from the stealthy design dab pens were known for. Nevertheless, dab pens remain to be compact and portable allowing you to take them almost anywhere you go.

3. Cartridge Vapes

While cartridge vaporizers are known for their ability to vaporize thick oils, many companies and manufacturers have begun manufacturing wax vaporizers fashioned out of cartridge devices. While they share the same cartridge, the heating element of these devices are made different in order to accommodate the heating element that’s designed and engineered for wax consumption. That said, cartridges for wax vaporizers will often sport small versions of quartz rods wrapped with high-grade coils.

4. Pod Vapes

While pod vaporizers are known to have been designed mainly for e-liquid use, some companies modify these pods to accommodate wax concentrates and other forms of extracts. That being said, you may find that pod vaporizers will often have miniaturized heating elements like that of cartridge vapes. This allows you to consume wax concentrates while still enjoying the benefits pod vaporizers have to offer.

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